Sunday, August 30, 2009
On this day:

A Little Old School Gaming for My Mac Buddies

The only game I got to play on a Mac all those years ago was "Marathon" a 3D style Shooter that came after Wolfenstein 3D... I didn't think much of it at the time as I was a PC guy but it was kinda fun and I never got to play "Oregon Trail" which I had heard so much about...

So anyway we are all in luck now since the guys at WPM Productions have come up with a nifty idea that all of us can now play almost all those old APPLE ][ Games within our web browsers... Their ActiveGS emulator and disk images are used for Internet Explorer and there are Add-ons for Firefox & Safari... I must note since I'm using Ubuntu 8.10 Firefox did not find a suitable plugin so I would have to manually download it then install... Bummer, guess I'll have to do it later... hahaha

So anyways pop on over to their site and have some Old School fun.... Click the Linky: Virtual Apple ][... Oregon Trail is in their list so you fans are in luck...

And if you miss "Marathon" really badly you can get the Trilogy here: Marathon Trilogy Release.. Of course there is a version of Marathon 2 there for all you PC users...

Oh!!!!, I forgot since we are on the subject of Video Games, did any of you know that Mario & the Princess had a Sex Tape???... Well they do and it's, umm well pretty "Graphic" hahaha...

So without future ado, here's the linky: Mario and Princess Sex Tape... I really don't think this can be considered "NSFW" but ya never know so enjoy!!!

Now for something I guess you could say would be Useful to Pet Owners but a huge embarrassment to any Dog that has any sense of what his fellow Canines think of him...

I present to you: The PooTrap...

I am so so so glad I am not a dog!!!!!! hahahaha


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