Sunday, June 29, 2008
On this day:

It's with a Lot of Sadness That I Am Posting This...

As of this Friday past our other sites LifeTime Gamer Arcade, LifeTime, LifeTime Gamer Video, & Bass Fishing Resource Center are no longer online...

There are a few reasons for this, like some technical issues but mostly it is because the rising costs of doing business online a long with the rising personal costs of me trying to stay a live and pay bills...

About a year after I started this Blog a friend gave me which started my life as a Webmaster while I was still looking for a real full time job... I dived into the challenge and used every spare minute to grow that site a long with this one and to this date had grown from around 400+ members to over 930+ in the short time I had it... I have to pat myself on the back for the growth tho the site never really made any money but it also was not costing me very much, maybe around $10 per month...

After a move to a new state and a time to start over and look for real work, I started LifeTime Gamer Arcade cause I thought it would be fun to play around with and maybe make a few dollars while doing it... Well as you can see that didn't work out either but it was a great ride, tho it was the site that caused the increases in server costs and part of the events that just happened... I did have fun messing with the templates and such so I can say I did learn the most from this site... I am impressed that in it's short span online it did get more than half a million visitors and nearly 500 members...

Since I had the server I started LifeTime Gamer Video which was a free script and I didn't have to host any of the videos so that was cool... This site was a bit of a pain since the Template was totally messed up and I was not about to spend any money to have a new one created, so I just fixed it the best I could and let it run like that...

LifeTime was just a landing page but was going to be in the future the Portal to all the LifeTime Gamer Sites and other gamer related content... Well like the others it is now gone...

Bass Fishing, Bass Fishing Resource Center was a site I bought for around $20 and since I had the server I stuck it on there and just promoted it to see if I could take it as far as I did and

The other things involved are the problem of getting a decent paying job that can utilize my skills and the fact of the economy, gas prices and the cost of an apartment that is going to go up nearly $400 soon which basically kills any option to keep websites running let a lone have internet access or a phone or basic cable TV...

As for this site since it is free it will be here but I am in a "Numbed Mode" right now at the loss of my other sites since I put every waking moment into them for around 16 months and I'm not sure when I will get back here and at least do some decent posting...

Right now I have to consider keeping a roof over my head and eating plus paying the bills I have besides trying to find a better paying job so I can continue doing that... I hope in the future I can bring the sites back but I would really be starting over again and I am not sure I could get them back to where they just were... I thought about selling them but I spend way to much time and money Branding LifeTime Gamer and I don't want to lose what will be 4-years worth of my time in August of this year... So I will keep all the domain names since the cost of those once every couple of years is not that much...

For those who were members of, LifeTime Gamer Arcade & LifeTime Gamer Video, I am sorry you were not emailed about this but most members of those sites did not opt-in for email updates concerning the sites...

So now I have a lot of time on my hands to find a better job and consider my loses... It hasn't sunk in yet but I keep looking at the Favicons in Firefox for all my sites and I am sad...

More Later...

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