Tuesday, November 20, 2007
On this day:

Phil Collins as a "Scantily Clad Female" or a "Huge Scarey Gorilla?"...

You choose I'm too tired...

It seems it's the same set where both of these were filmed and not to take anything away from Phil but both these people, err mammals have more hair than he does... hahahaha

He's still a great drummer and one of my favorites!!!!... Lunch Phil???, call me!...

Oh yeah, why do all these women in the new SciFi Series "Flash Gordon" look like the "Twiggies of 2007?"... I mean yeah they all have very pretty faces but the Bods of a toothpick, geeze I thought I deserved better after watching that channel since the day it aired...

Games???, did someone say Games??? Yeah I downloaded the Unreal Tournament 3 (Demo) and have been playing around with that... I have to say it plays nicer with my old ATI 800 Vid Card than Crysis does... Same Game play, Cool Maps and the only thing I see that's better as far as Graphics is the weapon you happen to be holding in your right hand at the moment...

I'll give it a day or so but I'm willing to bet there's not much new with this 3rd try...

Oh well go figure...

Just in time for Thanks Giving the gang over at Gizmodo posted a article where someone has come up with a new device that most guys would love to have for those after dinner Fart Barrages... Check out the article: Keep Noxious Farts at Bay with the Gas Grabber...


More later....

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