Monday, September 11, 2006
On this day:

Why Having a Blog is Like Having a Baby...

Listen up Kids, this guy knows what he is talking about and we are helping him get the message out...

Darren Rowse speaks out again...

For anyone trying the "Blogger BETA" you shouldn't be, thats why they are called "BETA's", Even tho it's not Software that gets downloaded to your home computer it's still not ready for you to use... Anytime you start messing with Beta's Your Messing with Disaster, leave well enough alone until the final version is released and you may then only experience a few problems, not 1,000's... Got alot of experience with Computers then go for it, myself I never have and stayed safe all this time...

Let those "Testers" that know what they are doing do the work for you and then get it when it's fixed..

Little Hercules... Read More caught this on TLC tonight... Very interesting that this young man was stronger per his weight than most adults...

Where is he now???... Well??? I sure as hell don't know I think he was to become a Movie Star called "Tiny Tarzan"... Not sure what happened to that one...

Of course SONY is back with more Problems... Like they didn't have enough as it was...

Rootkit, Blue-Ray, PS3, Can't meet production numbers, umm what next???... Bye SONY, I think I'll start buying My *JUNK* some where else...Nuff said...

For all you old old Rock n' Rollers there's always HippiesTV from a guy I knew way way back when in a universe Far Far Away... Enjoy...

Just a note... "I Never Said I found Jesus on My Finger" in *Fact* in my last Post, I said "I found this guy under my left index finger"... hehehehehehe

If you really want to get a good reputation on others Blogs and Forums and such... READ what everyone before you has said before you put in your 2-cents worth or in the end your gonna look like a Fool... Comment on some of their responses, become part of the conversation and add your own, just don't read the title and make a statement... I've seen this so many times on 100's of forums where people will just leave a simple comment and bascially it is ignored because the next person to come along does the same thing...

Know what, what you posted is not worth your time because no one will read it and no one cares... Become part of theTopics...

Windows VISTA?... Unless You are Really Stupid or need more "Eye Candy" and other "Crunching Junk" than the normal Home user... Basically You are NUTZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

XP will last you until *You Die*...

More later...

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