Friday, September 22, 2006
On this day:

Ice Planet Coming to a TV in Your Home...

For all my SciFi Nut readers all two of them... Oops include me so that makes three...

I ran across this site awhile back and kinda forgot about it but after reading a Tid Bit on Slice of Scifi my brain got *Rocked* and I thought I better get it on here before I totally forget it forever... So far it seems it's mostly an idea for a new series starring one of my fav actors Michael Ironside (I like the Bad Asses he plays)... The rest of the actors have not been named yet but it's being done in Canada like most of the SciFi Channels original Movies & other Series and it seems there will be a Video Game of the theme, tho I don't think I could play an entire game that is based on a Planet of Ice, kinda dull and no fun as far as I'm concerned... There's not alot of info on the show yet but you can check out the "Ice Planet Fan Site"... Read more here...

Now to the *Rocked* part, I was reading an interview with Dwayne Johnson (yeah *The Rock*) on Slice of Scifi and he does a few Q&A's about his love for Video Gaming... That brings me to the recent movie DOOM... In my opinion it should have never been made at all, I'm not knocking the Rock but it was just done so poorly (as I said in a previous post)... Anyways in the interview he talks about his gaming these days and how much his daughter at 5 is playing games and she can't even read yet... Want More???... Read it here... Very interesting how his new movie has done...

A couple of other things I ran across kinda made me think and are not related to the above... Rotten to the Core: Greenpeace finds laptops still ripe with toxins Read it all here... And then I saw these two... A printer that Delivers 1,000 Pages a Minute?... Umm, I thought computers were suppose to take us to a "Paperless Office" and therefore a Paperless world... hmmm Read the rest... And then I find this which is bascially trying to take us back to the Stone Age as far as paper is concerned Read it and weep... Like I tell everyone when it comes to security and such "Build a better mousetrap" and someone comes along with a better mouse, I doubt we will have totally secure anything in our lifetimes...

And just when you think things couldn't get any worse...

"Lost or stolen from the Census Bureau since 2003 are 217 laptop computers, 46 portable data storage devices and 15 handheld devices used by survey takers." Read the rest of the sad news here...

On the lighter side...

"LOS ANGELES, California (Hollywood Reporter) -- Mel Brooks is developing an animated TV series based on his comedy feature "Spaceballs.

Like the 1987 movie, which parodied well-known science-fiction movies, "Spaceballs: The Animated Series" will spoof current blockbusters as well as every genre of entertainment from movies and reality TV to culture and politics.

It is set to debut on cable network G4 in fall 2007. Production has already started on an initial batch of 13 episodes.

Brooks, who will voice two characters in the show, co-wrote the pilot with longtime collaborator Thomas Meehan, who will oversee all writing for the series." No need for a link that said it all... hehe (thanks to the CNN site for the info)...

Oh Great!!!... I just saw on TV we are gonna be "Blessed" with Amercian Idol Rewind... Showcasing all the crap I never wanted to see in the first place... God Save the Queen!!!!!!!!!... Hell, God save me from these Stupid Shows and give me a Cable Channel where I can find "Real Entertainment"... Note: not that the contestants aren't really good and most do deserve Record Deals, but the show and it's main Judge just Suck...

More later...

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