Wednesday, September 06, 2006
On this day:

For All Those That Found Jesus on Their Toast and Other Places...

I found this guy under my left index finger that I had been using to play guitar for more than 30+ years... I figure these days I should just put the "Finger" up on eBay and see what I can get for it... This pic is from the scanner I figger tomorrow I will if I can get some other Digital Pics since he does look alot more Fleshy and Human in light (seems he closed his eyes because of the scanner)...

Yeah he is the Guy(Finger) on the *Left* and "REAL!!""... Bidding will start at $1.2 Million since if I sell him it will be really hard to play guitar after that...

And Yes this is a real pic and when not on the Scanner his eyes look to be open... I can and will Certify that Photoshop and no other editing programs were used on this pic... It is as "Scanned"...

More later...

I'm amazed! I know how hard it would be for you to lose a finger but something like that just must be shared with the world. There's that one casino that buys all these sort of things,maybe they'll call! Sell it quick before the Vatican calls. You wouldn't be able to charge the church and I'm sure you don't want to give them the finger! Norm
Feh! It's no grill cheese sandwich!

...or tortilla...
...or mold spot on a floor tile...
...or lump of chocolate...
Wow- Now that is interesting..

Thanks for your visit and comment :o)

Always appreciated..
How much for the pinky?
Well.. you could sell that one and buy a replacement.. then you could still play. and buy a few new guitars as well. :D
Sorry - but I'm not seeing whatever it is you're talking about??
What is this all about?
I don't see what you're seeing. I do see callouses, however.

If I look long enough, I also see a bugs bunny/Yosemite Sam on your index finger.
Dang, I don't see anything!
ROFL! I think you'll be the new hit on ebay!
Thanks for stopping by my site, : )
You know, you can talk about guitar playing and gaming all you want.

But I can tell that those calluses are from far too rigorous a masturbatory program.

Moisturize, my friend. Moisturize.
Yeah, I am just not seeing a savior there. But if you can convince someone, why that would be a miracle!
LMAO!!! Much luck selling your finger on eBay! But hey, if a woman can sell a perfectly preserved toast of "Mary," almost anything has a chance.

I'll take it!! and extra finger may actually increase my guitar playing skills
nice fingers! selling your fingers will make you a disable person lol!
yeah yeah yeah :| seeing is believing!
I love it! This is great, and probably the most warranted thing i've seen that someone would have sold on Ebay in a while! :) Thanks.
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