Sunday, August 06, 2006
On this day:

STAR POWER!!!... Your Kidding Right???...

So what is "Star Power", well says this from my search on Google for the words: Star Power ... Hmmm and what makes me wanna know this answer???...

Well since there is alot of *STAR POWER* in HollyWeird, Sports and on the Video Gaming Front I thought I better look into this... I always knew Movie Stars made tons of money for their rolls in movies and then I find out Sports Figures do also and then those Sports Figures and Movie Stars move onto Video Games and basicially make tons more money through "Endorsements"...

Being a Musician I know what it's like to suffer for your craft and it's not an easy road to follow, but if your lucky enough to make it then it was worth it... There are far many less Musicians getting Endorsements than there are Movie Personalities and Sports Figures... Of course I do not have actual Unemployment Figures for either Actors, Atheletes or Musicians but it is in the upper percentages I can bet without losing a penny...

Soooooooo, How much money is enough for these people???... I would assume that even tho they have to pay their agents a percentage and whoever else helped them but considering the 6, 7, 8 figure salaries these people would be smart enough to *Put Some Money Away For a Rainy Day*... My My where did I hear that one from while growing up...

Well I ask you, what would you spend all that money on if you were suddenly Famous???... Big House, Fast Cars, Fast Chicks, Lotsa' Drugs, Travel the World???... Buy everything in Site, give a good portion to your favorite charity???... Or would you be smart and put some in savings for that Raining day when you would no longer be a part of the *Star Power* that seems to Come and Go with a Whim???...

What got me on this subject you ask???... Well there was as usual nothing on Cable except War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise, of course if you click on his name, you get to learn his "Real Name... hehe Boring nite as always then I started looking at how many times I saw him in this movie and how much I figured he got paid for about 20-minutes at the most give or take for a 2-hour movie...

Yes, yes, yes I know ya gotta suffer for your craft and make your way through the ranks... So tell me something I haven't known for years and years???... These days I think it is just a bit Overboard with what these people get paid for *Their Limited Time*...

In this country we have a very strange way of putting a price on things that are popular even tho they are just common place in our daily lives...

Go Figure...

By the way, I thought the Movie "Sucked Big Time" and anyone could have been in that roll... Actually I prefer the first one War of the Worlds...

NEWS FLASH!!!, this just in... Paris Hilton: I'm going celibate....

Ummm... Hahahahahahahahahahaha okay...

Just got an email to a nice little Forum Site for Webmasters called "Webmaster Earth"... Seems to be a nice place and fairly new so go over and check em out if you have a Website...
Clicky this link: Webmaster Earth... I'm headed there right now... C_YA!...

I was reading an interview with Steve "WOZ" Wozniak earlier, not sure how old the interview is and it really doesn't matter.. What did matter is one of the statements he made and the CEO's and Stock Holders of alot of Companies today should take heed, cause I went through this also at one time in a company I was working for and it makes alot of sense to do and keeps people working...

"Wozniak: But it's that whole thing I was talking about: Hewlett-Packard, we're a community. There was a recession in '73 and Hewlett-Packard had to cut back 10%. Instead of laying off 10% of the people, they cut everyone's salary by 10% and gave us one day off every two weeks. So basically they said "nobody goes without a job." And I like that sort of thing."

I have to say if companies did this today the economy would be better off for it. Maybe the higher ups and investors pocket books would suffer a "Very Tiny Bit" but people would still be working... And WOZ if anyone has Star Power you do for all the things you have done over your lifetime...

More later...

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