Monday, August 28, 2006
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Space Renegades Finds Publisher...

For Immediate Release:

August 28, 2006:

United Minds Games ( and Packom Interactive ( have formed a partnership to allow Packom exclusive publishing rights to United Minds Games’ Space Renegades: The Series! This casual top-down 2D space shooter, is only the first of many indie-games that Packom Interactive plans on publishing.

In fact, Space Renegades: The Series will not only be available for PC users but coming November 2006 OSX gamers will be able to see what the hype is all about!

United Minds Games and Packom Interactive both understand that games are meant to be fun and entertaining first and foremost! That’s why this match-up worked so well. Behind these two companies lie gamers that want to bring good video games to the masses.

Screenshots and demo are available at Space Renegades: The Series is available for $8.00. Save $2 by signing up for the United Minds Games newsletter!

In Space Renegades 1, you play as a Space Ranger named Adam. The Space Ranger firm that Adam worked for recently lost its credibility and went out of business. He decided to be a self-employed Space Ranger, but at the same time a mob boss named Lord Art puts out a bounty on him dead or alive. Instead of protecting the galaxy he’s protecting himself from wave after wave of bounty hunters.

In Space Renegades 2: Ultimatum, you continue your quest as Adam. Impressed by Adam’s fighter skills, Lord Art wants Adam to join his gang. After refusing to join, Art kidnaps Adam's family with an ultimatum for Adam to either join him or watch his family die. Help save Adam’s family by searching throughout the known galaxy

*About United Minds Games:*
United Minds Games is dedicated to preserving the spirit of the "golden age" of video games -- the fun, graphically fresh, easy to play 2D games with creative themes and memorable music that kept us glued to the screen or returning to the arcades with our pockets full of quarters.

*About Packom Interactive:*
Packom Interactive's goal is to become a leader in Production, Distribution, and Marketing of independent games. Unlike most publishers, we realize that an independently made game is a long and arduous process. The last thing that a developer wants to worry about is how they're going to sell a game.
Our goal is to simplify this process for the developer so they can continue to make great quality games, no matter the content nor the genre.

*General Space Renegades 1 & 2 Game Information:*

*Title:* Space Renegades: The Series

*Developer* -* United Minds Games Homepage:*

*Publisher *– *Packom Interactive Homepage:*

*Space Renegades Homepage:*

*Genre:* Casual/Top-down Shooter

*Platform:* PC, OS X

*Player:* 1

*Release Date:* PC 09/05/2006, OSX November 2006

*System Specifications:
*Pentium II 300 Mhz - 500 Mhz
DirectX Version 7
16MB video card with Hardware Acceleration
Windows 98/2000/NT/XP

- - End of Press Release - -

Evaluation copies available at request starting September 4th.

Note to the Editors: The Space Renedages Demo released on 8/23/06 has been updated to a new version including several new aspects that improve the gameplay. Please replace the old demo with this new version found at URL

*Space Renegades The Series Press Contact:*
Kevin Epps
Owner/Lead Programmer
United Minds Games

*Packom Interactive Press Contact:*
David Rodriguez
Packom Interactive
- David Rodriguez

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