Thursday, August 03, 2006
On this day:

I Do Not Need a "Today in Joystiq" or a "Today on CBS"...

What's with the "Today *IN*... there is no IN on Joystiq it's "Today ON" Joystiq.. There is no place what so ever to *Stick Anything "INTO!"*... What are these people thinking in the first place??... Get a Real Job if your gonna write articles for a website and learn some words & phrases while your at it...

Oh Crap!!!!... it's "Best of Gizmodo!!!"... Like they were the ones that actually came up with the Products in the first place... ***DOH!!!***...

Okay I guess if you think about it, you could "Stick words INTO the website codes" so it shows up for all of us to see, but...

Naw, that just does'nt work for me... (notice there are no Links to click on???)... I thought you would...

E3 Gone for Good.... Umm well, "Nothing Lasts Forever!", not even your dirty underwear... I really liked going to the Expo's until it became like has been said: A Circus and it was fun while it lasted...

And if PAX tries to take up the Flag where E3 left off... Umm I think the boys at Penny Arcade will have their hands so full it will take them more years to wash those hands of such a huge project than they will ever be able to find a "Really Good Soap to Wash It Off"...

More Later....

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