Wednesday, July 19, 2006
On this day:

Tesla Roadster, Awesome Looking Car...

Great use of Technology, my only complaint is the price...

"Tesla Motors' new battery-powered speed demon, which goes zero to 60 in four seconds. By Mark Robinson from Wired magazine. " Read More...

Also ran across this one over at "CyberNet"... Pretty cool look at what the iPod may look like in the future so check it out...The iPod of the Future...

Here's a funny letter from my Fav Video Game Character Duke Nukem to his Boss ya could say...
To George Broussard...

From my travels on the Net, GamersPairOfDice... Interesting site about Webcomics...

Ya also get this one since I've been lame about posting gaming links Looks like a site to buy games online and then download them... Hmmm

Can't believe I have seen Nothing on the Web about the new SciFi Show "Eureka"... I watched the first episode and thought that this is going to be a Big Winner for the SciFi Channel along with their Stargate series... If they come up with a couple more as good as these I may never move from the front of my TV ever again... Of course that could cause problems like me not working, eating or going to the bathroom, bathing, having sex... Hmmm

Check out more about the show... More on Eureka...

I'm only gonna Laugh at this for the next 1,000 Years...

Oracle patches 65 Holes...

Didn't that guy Larry Ellison say at one point his/their software was ummm Bug free "Secure" or maybe something like that?...

Yeah I really think that is what he said...

A last question... "Why do we get Ear Wax???"... This has bothered me for many years and I'd like an answer...

Anyone out there got one??...

Okay I am really gonna Puke right now... This is the Dummest Crap I have heard in many years...

"Paris Hilton has officially lost it. The heiress reportedly believes she's the "iconic blonde" of the decade. And further proof that she's more ambitious than sane, the party girl is comparing herself to Marilyn Monroe and (wait for it) Princess Diana"...

Then only thing Paris is, happens to be someones poor judgement when choosing a name for their Child and the fact they were dumb enough to have sex in the first place...

More later...

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