Sunday, July 30, 2006
On this day:

No VISTA in Site For Your Promised Future???... Aww, there's No PS3 Either...

Well *Golly Gee!*... To bad for us, umm err those that just can't wait to have the latest... Me I could care less until I need what *Either* offers and so far I don't see much, nor do I need either...

Gates Stepping Down, could it be Gates is just tired of handling so many responsiblities in the Company or he's just no longer interested or qualified to be Microsofts Chief Software Designer???... Myself I think both... For those that have never had to do 20 to a 100 things a day and make sure they were done correctly, well you prolly have no clue... I think the expectations of Vista is a bit beyond what Microsofts Engineers can produce in the given time and a bit beyond their capabilities for now...

....Been there done that...

As for SONY & the PS3 and all the other problems they are having now, same thing...

One other thing is the fact of everything getting faster and more capable sooner than before and these companies just cannot keep up making products for the Tech... At some point this all has to stop and just go at a *Given Rate" so there is "Stability"...

Keep an Eye on the World Around You, it's changing every second and most of the time not for the better...

Tommorrow if I don't forget I'll post links of my newest favorite sites and most are Tech Related not Gaming, but I got a few Gaming sites up my sleeve... hehe

Oh well here they are...

I ran across these two sites similar to Digg, Shoutwire and tech TAGG and these two are a couple of new sites to get Tech related news TechEBlog and TechCrunch one other CyberNet News and last but not least The Gadgets Page Pretty cool sites so check 'em out...

Ahhh, a Gaming site... Game-O-Pedia and a new Nintendo Wii site that should be up in early August, Wii Europe, enjoy...

Yikes!!! just saw this great site at one of the Forums I hang out at... XboxWay...

Oh the Xgaming Boys are at it again with a great offer on their X-Arcade Trackball Mouse - $30 off the Retail Price and they'll even pay the shipping... Not a bad deal at all...

Crap!, I forgot this Music Site, great place to see what's new with equipment and see some goodies from way way back when... MusicThing...

Mel Gibson gets a DUI???... So like none of you have ever done anything wrong in your entire life and neither have I.. So There !!!!

I'm waiting for: MAD MAX 5: Max Beats a Parking Ticket while fighting off the Evil Leader of the Northern Country...

Holly Kow I forgot, there's no Gas or Oil... Guess they were using Bicycles in this one...

Hey Max??? How did you do it???..

Hmmm, wonder who that leader could be...

More Later...

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