Monday, July 10, 2006
On this day:

Article Writers, Novel Writers, Review Writers... Which One are You???...

As for me, I'm none of them... I barely made it through High School English and never really liked talking to people that much... I comunicated better through my Music and playing in front of 100's if not 1,000's of people was alot easier for me than being in a club watching a band or even standing in front of a class and trying to talk about my science project or giving a book report... And yes I usually stood or sat at the "Back" of clubs because I never liked the feeling that people were behind me...

Which brings me to today and the media we have that you can print or post most anything you want and without anyone ever seeing your face or knowing exactly where you live, they would never know who are you are if they saw you walking down the street... Simply mind boggling... hehe...

I'm amazed at how many writers, musicians, bullshitters and others are just naturals at this... I read alot of articles & reviews and I am sometimes in awe at how these people can use words to capture your attention and bring you into the story they are telling... I wish I was that good at words cause I would either be working for a well known News Paper, Website or News Channel tho I don't think a TV station would want some long haired Hippy looking dude reporting about how the local police just busted a government official or how the fire department just rescued Grannies cat from the tree... Then again ya never know...

Oh well 'Nuff of that...

Not sure about anyone Else but from the little TV I have seen lately I am so sick of these "Reality Shows"... Surviving Ted Nugent I could kinda relate to since I am a musician, but Rockstar: Supernova and "Supergroup" on Vh1, Myself I did like Sebastian Bach from his days with Skid Row and before when I used to see him in clubs But Please!!!!!!... That was the Lamest thing I have ever seen in my life besides a few episodes of Amercian Idol... I was just waiting for Ted to either put an arrow through all of them or just "Skin 'em Alive and have them for Dinner" with a few close friends...

Do the producers of "All these Reality Shows" think "All" of the TV viewing audience is just a bunch of beer drinking, pizza eating couch potato morons who have no more that a 9th grade education???... I guess so...

Myself an hour of News and the rest of the night watching the Sci Fi Channel or surfing the Net is more entertaining and alot more educational...

Well enough for now, I gotta surf the Web and get a Ed-U-K-Shun...

Rock on!!!

P.S. Reruns of The Twilight Zone are more entertaining on most nights...

Oh yeah, why does Gamespy even bother with those PREY Ads, they and we know it's gonna be a Blockbuster... Hmmm, wonder if Duke Nukem Forever can equal it... "That remains to be seen...

Oops... Forgot to say Johnny Depp is far better than Tom Cruise these days and on other days... He "Acts", lately Tom Jumps & Runs... Go figure...


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