Thursday, June 22, 2006
On this day:

The Prey DEMO is Here and Ready for Download...

Oh yeah we are back also... It was a fun trip and took a bit longer since we decided to move LifeTimer Gamer to a new place on this Planet... It's a place I have been before but now after seeing it after so many years it's kinda a wasteland in the making and not sure we will stay here either...

Okay back to PREY...

So far all I can say about the DEMO is WAY COOL!!!... Brings back memories of Duke Nukem 3D and a few others with all the ideas of things you need to search out and find and basically click on to see what's going on... I really like the Gambling Machines and how they actually work in the game and the TV is kinda cool...

My only complaint with the Demo and the Trailers is the Voice Acting,... I still do not think it's convincing enough, the old man is well done as with the others so far but the main character still does not convince me he is the hero of this story (
AI is awesome and well done)... The Graphics are very good with the exception of the Bartenders Jeans, They look Blurry when the rest of the whole scene in the bar is pretty much Crisp and Clean... (Then again I just got back and loaded it up, it could be I'm suffering from *Camping Lag* and haven't got my Game Eyes back yet, hehehe)...

I'll leave it at that and let you all download it and see what your impressions are...

Okay I've played some more... all I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... I thought Doom 3 & Quake 4 were a huge leap, PREY has some of the coolest things going for it I've ever seen and some of the best creature effects and just plain Looks in any game as of now...

You can find all the download servers here and the link to the Xbox 360 version at Prey DEMO at 3DRealms... Enjoy

If you feel the need to "Tweak PREY" hop on over here and pick up the guide...Prey Tweak Guide...

Also we have a new friend that was kind enough to link to us so check them out and get more great links... ConsoleIndex...It's a new and up coming site so keep checking in with them for more stuff...

Speaking of More Stuff, be back soon with some more.. hehe...

Oh yeah, back to Music and Musicians and a long time friend of more years than I can count...

One of the best I ever played with is now making some of the best guitars in America...

Russell McNeely besides playing better guitar than most is also putting the final finishes on some of the Best Guitars that are actually made in Amercia and I have played quite a few of them... Robin Guitars of Houston, Texas are Hand Finished and Made to Perfection....

These are to be seen and played so you can see the individual care that goes into each instrument...

Okay you get a link...Robin Guitars, look around and check out the *Hometown Heros*... Hometown Heros...

My other friend is Mark Lacey he worked on every Bass & Guitar I used while I was in L.A. and built better instruments than most in the entire world... You should check out his site if you are a player...

And for all of you that have Websites and Want the Best, Most Help you can ever get please visit: Digital Point Forums... It's been the most friendly and helpful place I have ever been...

Mom, Sue, Lara, Wendy, Casey, Eddie, Glen, Mark, and all the kids... Your still here...

Me need sleepy... hehehe

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