Thursday, May 18, 2006
On this day:

Who is Suing Who You Ask???...

Why bother just take a look here or make up you own search on either Google, Yahoo or MSN... who is suing who?... There are so many Lawsuits going on in the Tech Sector that your heads would spin for the next year or more and possibly until the day they lay you to rest in that Pine Box... And why???...

Ever wonder who is Getting Rich these days, years after the fact???, I bet you will have the answer after a few minutes of looking around...

The US Patent Office gives out Patents like Candy to a Kid, the FDA does the same with Drug Companies and who benefits from all these Lawsuits & Mistakes???...

Huh???. you even gotta ask... I think that Shakespeare Dude got it a bit wrong, but correct for his time: "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers"... Get it now???...

The rest can be left to your own imaginations, just remember where alot of your Tax Dollars are going while thinking about it... Court Time & Your Money is being wasted on Issues that should have never made it that far...

Is it me or does this seem a Bit Arrogant???...
5Mil Will Buy PS3 'If It Didn't Have Games' - Sony... Stolen from Dark Zero...

Grrrrrr!!!, I knew I forgot another thing... There will be a PREY Demo coming out...

Prey for June 22nd!

June 22nd is a date that an awful lot of gamers will be waiting for. On that day, the Prey Demo will be released."

Check out more here at 3DRealms...

Ahh, forgot, from my Travels on the Net... Here ya go... British Gaming Blog... Nice site so check it out...

More Later...

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