Friday, May 12, 2006
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Pyramids, Stonehenge, Easter Island, The Nazca Plateau and Everything Alien...

Just caught a read on BBC News about the New Stonehenge that was recently discovered in the Amazon... You can read it here with pics of course... Brazilian Stonehenge Discovered... Hmmm...

Well being the Scifi nut that I am this new discovery in the Amazon along with the Bosnia Pyramid lends me to make this theory...

Of course there were Ancient Visitors to this planet and they were the ones responsible for all these wonders that we could never explain or actually could we construct any of those during the time they have been said to be built... We as a race at that time did not have the technology to do so...

The other thing that caught me with this new discovery of a possible second Stonehenge is the fact the Scientists say it also was used to measure *Seasons* or to be a bit more specific the *Winter Solstice*... I beg to differ with that view and offer this one...

The reason for the *Henges* as they were was to Measure Time for The Aliens visiting our planet so they knew when it was their time to return to their planet by the Alignments of the Stars... After all these years and actually finding out about the Majestic 12, even tho I heard about it I just actually read about the story of the 12 who went (more here)... The point that caught my eye was the fact the commander who lead our team to the Alien Planet said they did not *Measure Time or Days or Years* like we do, hence the reason for the Stonehenges here. Yes all the wonders were built 1,000's of years before Roswell and at the time, that was their way to measure time by the Stars when they first visited us, since they could get to our planet I'm sure they had/have technology or developed it over their time that would be a way to compare our time understanding to theirs ... Since you think about Star Trek, Star Wars and all the other wonderful stories we have come up with over the years you would think they would have thought that by exploring the Universe and they would run into this kind of problem at some point... Then again maybe they overlooked it...

The other item now that I think about is, The Shape of the Tops of all these Pyramids... Yeah I know I'm sounding like an episode of StarGate SG-1... Naw... The ones in Egypt are Pointed... Why???... I think the Egyptians thought at the time if they topped off the Pyramids into a point the Ancient Visitors would not be able to Land on them with their Mysterious Ships and therefore the Human Race at the time would be rid of the unwanted visitors... The other thought is that the reasons the Pyramids in the Americas and other places are *Flat Topped* is because they are actually older and the Human Race at that time did not think of alternatives to stop the visitations or they actually welcomed the Aliens as either Superiors or Equals...

Yeah I'm sure I haven't read enough on this over the years to get a Real View of all the Published info but then again I did and do have a life ya know... Of course the Governments of the World could also be preparing us for News that alot felt was real and by taking about 50+ years to get around to we may finally have the answer to whether We Are Alone in The Universe and we would not Freak Out when it was revealed...

Then again I haven't finished this 6-pack yet and the lights are still on... Hmmm...

Do I believe in Alien Races not of this Planet???... You bet!!!... If we are the only ones, *Then it is One Hell of a Waste of Real Estate* out there in that Vast Vacumn of a Universe...

Here's some links for ya on the subjects... Easter Island, The Nazca Plateau, The Stonehenge Wiki and the UFO Conspiracy Theory...

Ummm, No Way I'm gonna say this is related but since we are no longer getting Alien Abduction Stories I'd say this is close enough to things that have been reported by people that have been examined...

"Imagine having a disease that is so controversial that doctors refuse to treat you. Individuals with this disease report disturbing crawling, stinging, and biting sensations, as well as non-healing skin lesions, which are associated with highly unusual structures. These structures can be described as fiber-like or filamentous, and are the most striking feature of this disease. In addition, patients report the presence of seed-like granules and black speck-like material associated with their skin. Sound like a bad plot for a Sci-Fi channel movie? Think again - it could be Morgellon's Syndrome."

Morgellon's Syndrome...

Take it all *With a Grain of Salt* but do not dismiss any of it until you see proof... hehe

Oh yeah, E3 is over now but I will give ya couple of links anyways...Gamers, Girlz Game Too, Yes Girlz Do Game so all you losers go check their site out... hehe

Until next time...

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