Sunday, May 07, 2006
On this day:

Napster Now FREE???... o'rly???...

Well not exactly, you get to "Listen to Songs in their catalog 5-times for Free", then you have to subscribe to the service or be left out... Your well advised to Read their Subscription Service & Music Store Terms" before you jump into anything...

Myself, I think this is an interesting business model but I wonder how well it will perform... What they really should do is get with the Video Game Companies and devise a way for subscribers to choose Playlists that they want to listen to while playing their Favorite Video Game... Hmm anybody done that yet???...

Speaking of music I just ran across Vivian Campbell's Website only to find out he just released a CD of Blues Songs and he's Singing Lead on them... Interesting to say the least, I never heard much of his guitar playing outside of the stuff with Ronnie James Dio and a bit with Def Leppard... Listening to a sample tells me he can also sing really well, maybe I should take singing lessons??... Naw!!!!, so go check his site out and listen to the sample, he's got some really good players with him on the Tracks...

Now I would really like to have this Music Software, it would save me a hour or so figuring out the chords for various songs...
Magix Music Maker 11... Not a bad price either...

Here's a blurb courtesy GamePlanet: World's first MP3 5.1, harmony recognition program... Enjoy...

"With Music Maker 11 deluxe, Magix is introducing the world's first 'Harmony Agent,' which recognises music and automatically finds the chords of the song, displaying them onscreen. Players simply upload music files into the program and the Harmony Agent will automatically analyse the music and display the guitar chords to play along."

Lot's of other features so check either site out for more info...

Switching gears I see there's a new *PREY* Teaser with some of the cooler things you can do in the game posted over at MegaGames, Prey Tell... Well worth clicking on the link and checking out...

Sony is up to some Tricks with E3 coming this week and it kinda makes me wonder if the *Real PS3* will be there or if it's just gonna be more Hype & Supposed in game footage... Well at any rate you can read more here at Gamespot, E3 06: Sony launches new teaser campaign... I never did like Campaigns of any kind... Hmmm

This I just found and makes me wonder if Sony will have yet another long delay in the release of the PS3... Cell Yields Troubling Sony... Another one that makes me go: Hmmmm... Again thanks to MegaGames for that one also...

Lot's of other E3 stories there so go check em out!!....

Another switch of gears brings me to another SPAMMING Technique I and a few others today were introduced to... While sitting at my fav restaurant having coffee I and another guest were *Text Spammed* by some online site selling drugs on our cell phones within minutes of each other, the Fools even included a Email Address that I'm sure either doesn't work or will get misdirected so if you get one Do Not Reply to that Address mainly because if they do even read it it will confirm to them that they reached a number that works and they will no doubt continue to SPAM you forever or until someone shuts them down... The thing that bothers me about this is, we have different Phone Service Providers, meaning to me someone has either purchased millions of Cell Phone Numbers or has Broken into the Major Providers Computers and *Stolen the Numbers*... This is not good for anyone using a Cell Phone...

I didn't find any info on it at Security Focus or any of the Security Sites I frequent... Bummer if it keeps up...

From my travels on the NET... The Game Chair...

This Just in... "Absolutely No Way in Freakin' Hell, Not a Chance, No Way Dude, Not on Your Life, Ya think So?, Your Out of Your Mind!, if you think I would pay $499 or anything close to it for a PS3 or any other Gaming Console... Okay I feel better for saying that but I'm still not gonna waste my money...

You can read the News over at Worthplaying on the subject: PlayStation 3 Launches November 17 At $499...

That money could pay alot of bills and provide some food for me...

More later...

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