Monday, April 10, 2006
On this day:

You Can Run But You Can't Hide!!!...

Or should I say "You Can Lie but You Will Eventually Get Caught"... hehehe
Seems former Gizmondo executive Stefan Eriksson, had an "Invisible Friend" driving that nice shinny Ferrari that got totaled... You can read the rest of his problems at Gamespot: Ex-Gizmondo exec arrested... Yes I'll own up to it, I stole that Title Line from Mad Max: The Road Warrior... So There !!!!

All I can say is: Boy some people are really stupid if they believe they can get away with this kind of crap... Must have been all the drugs... hahahahaha

Nice Blurb about the Game "Red Steel" for the Nintendo Revolution over at Slashdot with a few Blurbs from the guys over at Elite Bastards so go check it out... You Say You Want A Revolution?...

Lot's of New Screenshots for upcoming games over at Worth Playing so ya better check them out also...

Violent Video Games Linked to Risky Behaviors... Umm "Scuse Me???"... As far as drinking I've been doing it for a lot longer than I have been playing Video Games so I wonder if they are just trying to Blame the Problems that kids are having these days on Video Games because they are afraid to admit to what the Real Problem is... Oh yeah the article is courtesy
Reuters... Yes I also Smoke Cigarettes, and I was Not at any time Forced to and I am an Adult of Age...

While I was just out having some coffee at the local Restaurant I decided to ask a couple of the kids that worked there if they grew up playing Video Games, mainly becuase I heard they were in trouble with the law for Underaged Drinking... The answer was "Yes they did play Video Games" and when I asked if they thought the games caused it they said "NO", it was *The Lack of Anything to Do in This Small Town* that led them to what they do now... So I think this week I am going to spend sometime talking with as many Kids as I can around here and see how they *Were Raised and Did They Get Involved in Other Activities Around Town?* because I think that has more to do with it than the Video Games... From being back here for nearly 3-years and knowing how it was when I grew up I'd say that *The Lack of Anything to Do* plays a Huge Part in why these kids are getting into trouble at such an early age... And why is there "Nothing to Do Here and who's Fault is That?", I think everyone knows the answer to that and it's not Video Game Related... Kinda reminds me when at one time alot of Adults thought listening to Rock & Roll Music would cause the same things to happen... I'm living proof it didn't...

Courtesy Gamasutra: Teenagers Losing Interest in Video Games, Says Survey... I wonder if they had considered the fact that most players try to finish the games in record time without even taking the time to enjoy them... No wonder kids are constantly looking for and spending money on new Video Games every week, Hell I haven't even finished Doom 3 or Quake 4 yet I'm still entertained by them and see no need to go and purchase any others at this time...

Wal-Mart Controlling what Video Games we get to Purchase????...WTF???... This is an interesting article for sure, Wal-Mart Rules...Thanks to The Escapist for this one...

I'll leave this piece of Crap as is and you can read the rest if you wish...
"NEW YORK" (Reuters) - Former Clients of Ernst & Young Sued the accounting giant on Monday, claiming it defrauded them and other wealthy taxpayers of millions of dollars in fees through failed tax shelters.
" Gee Shelters ???, Like a Place to Live or Somewhere to put Your Head after Working Your Ass Off for 60+ years for a System that will let you down when it's your time to take a Rest and Enjoy the Fruits of the Labor You Put In trying to Build a Future and a Place for You and Your Family???... Wow..

So where's My Piece of the Pie???...

More Later...

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