Monday, April 17, 2006
On this day:

Professional Video Gaming on TV???... What Took Them So Long???...

I would have figured as Money Hungry as everyone is these days it would have happened alot sooner than it did... Ahh well it finally has happened...

Associated Press

Professional video gaming is set to debut on cable television later this year, potentially paving the way for the kings and queens of game controllers to become as familiar to American households as the faces of Johnny Chan or Annie Duke in televised poker."...

You can read the rest here, courtesy The Mercury News... Professional video gaming set for television debut...

Along with that we also now have a Hip-Hop Gaming League so I guess we may be seeing another form of Television arriving soon where you can listen to your Fav Artists while watching them beat the crap out of their opponents, it would be cheaper than producing a Video for the songs... hehehe... Hmmm, maybe I just came up with a great idea there... Naw...

I wonder if their Contracts specify that there be Gaming Consoles on the Tour Buses they use while running around the country???... I know if it was me there would be... Their our Featured Site this month so go check em out...

Ahhh, Just found some more info on the HHGL...MTV Partners With Hip-Hop Gaming League... Thanks go to Gamasutra for this little gem...

Wonder if this will get blamed on Grand Theft Auto???... hehe... Ex-Gizmondo exec charged with felonies... Courtesy Gamespot of course... I bet there's alot more to be dug up on this guy...

Over the Hill: Gaming in a Geritol Age... Kinda nice to see that LifeTime Gamer has some friends out there tho not nearly as old as he is that enjoy Gaming... Thanks go to GameDaily for this one...

Oh My God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... This is interesting and also a good read...Duke Nukem Sheds Light on Brain... Surely not his own???, hahaha... Thanks to the BBC News & 3D Realms for this...

Sue Me, Sue You... Well in the Long Long List of Patent Infringement Suits these days "up pops another"... There is something seriously wrong with the way Patents get Granted and there should be a change real soon or this is going be become worse than Malpractice Suits if it isn't already... What a waste of the Court Systems Time and thanks go to Techdirt for this tid bit of info...

WOW!!! Flashback time here... Sue Me, Sue You reminded me of when I first started using an Apple Computer at our offices and I saw that there was a System Sound called *Sosumi* and wondered why in the hell it was called that... Well since we are on the subject of Law Suits you can find out why that particular sound was named that by the Gang over at Apple (Not to be mistaken for the Apple Corps).. Here ya go Sosumi... Isn't WikipediA Cool??...

More later...

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