Saturday, March 18, 2006
On this day:

Talk About an Interesting Gaming Controller... This has got to be it...

Just caught this over at Megagames... Yeah I hang out there alot along with tons of other places (the local East of Chicago Pizza joint is the best)... Oops I was talking Gaming, sorry...

Anyways this controller is like nothing I would have thought of... (Go figure, I usually think of everything)... So check out the Ergodex DX1 - Review... Nice, may have to get one someday...

If ya happen to be looking for some *Old Games*, try our friends over at The Abandoned Gamesroom & Great sites for all the cool old games... Also we'd like to welcome our newest affiliate Games 2Cool... Another great site to find games to play online & such... So check 'em "All" out...

Dixie Chicks at it again???... You Bet!!! and thank the Powers that Be that they are... So what if they were in the Public View and made a few statements???.. Like no one else in history has???... I won't even waste my time looking up all the others that *Actually Said* how they felt about issues, mainly because it would take the rest of my lifetime to do so...

My how the Industry can Kill You & Your Career when you voice your views on Local Affairs or World Affairs...

So what's new in your world???... Well here at LifeTime Gamer the home of that *Crustiest of Old Farts* we decided to change the Heatsink & Fan in that iBuypower Gaming System we built a while back and I have to say, *Way Too Cool*... We went with a "Silent Boost RX K8" from Thermaltake... Changing the Stock HSF with this one took me all of about 20-minutes at the most and I had never done this before (I put together alot of systems and changed alot of components but never a HSF)...

Along with some Artic Silver 5 and this Beast of a Heatsink/Fan Combo I was going, *Damn it didn't look that big in the pictures!!*... When that sucker showed up I was in awe for about an hour just looking at it... Will it fit???, is there enough room around the other components???... Ahhh, no worries there is plenty of room...

Taking out the original one was a Breeze (not like the Lynyrd Skynyrd Song, Call Me the Breeze)... Please do not confuse the two at all...

Beings as this if a fairly new system, the Thermal Compound/Paste (isn't Google Cool?) had not had long enough to harden into some mess we would have to use a Sandblaster to get off... So I let "Her" errrr "It" errrr Ummm run at Temp for about an hour then shut it down just so things were "Nice & Toasty"... After about 10 minutes I unclamped the old HSF and ever so carefully did a *Tiny Twist to the Left & a Tiny Twist to the Right* and no do not confuse this motion with any songs in the Campy Movie *The Rocky Horror Picture Show*... Thank you very much...

So, Off with the Old and On with the New... As per instructions I applied Artic Silver to the Copper Base of the new HS and boy that was a trip in itself... Simple procedure, Sandwich bag with one of your fingers in it to spread it around... Kinda like the kids do when they are one or two... All went well, 'cept it got kinda hard like Epoxy after about 30 seconds... Well I got it done and *Wiped* the excess off as I was told by the Powers that be... They just wanted the Copper base to look "Stained" (and guys, not like your underwear) with the Compound so it would fill in those tiny Cracks... And Also not like the "Butt Crack" that Huge Old Plummer Guy with the Jeans that hang down past his *Crack* that comes and fixes your pipes has and when he bends over you see the Moon, more like the kind that are so tiny that no human can see them...

That done I went to cleaning the Actual CPU, in this case a
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+... Best to use 99% Isopropyl Alcohol if you can get your hands on some... I did it with 91% just took me a bit longer (that sucker was shining so well I could almost see my face in the reflection... That said I went to putting that nasty Thermal Compound on the Puppy... Now how in the hell can a person by just looking spread a layer of compound across a CPU with a Heat Spreader this thin: Athlon64- About the size of one and a half uncooked grains of short-grain white rice or 3/4 of a BB.... With a Razor Blade or Credit Card none the less, your choice... Yeah so I did do it with a Single Edged Razor Blade... (I am proud of myself)... Just be patient & careful when doing this... Lock it down a per instructions and your good to go...

Once everything is done you can "Crank 'er up again and go for it"... Again you gotta let Artic Silver 5 settle in so follow their *Break In* instructions... Me happy, Me Love it Long Time...

As told there was about a 5-degree drop immediately, BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you gotta follow the Instructions to get the Maximum Results...

Okay I'm done Babbling for now... Well maybe not...

South Park in a *Battle?*... I would think it would be a War!!... You can figure it out for yourselfs I'm to tired to bother....

I Am All Over This!, if it Really does work... Thanks to Wired News:
Grow Your Own Oil, U.S....


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