Sunday, March 12, 2006
On this day:

So Ya Wanna Create a Video Game Mod, Do Ya???...

Well your in luck... The guys over at Mod DB have put together a great article on the in's & out's of how to get started if you've never done it before... Also included is some really good advice & tips from others in the industry...

"After three years of playing and making mods, it is time the Mod DB shared some of the wisdom and knowledge we have picked up along the way. Our getting started with mods feature is done and contains input from many game developers including Valve, Ravensoft etc"...

So hop on over there and check it out...

Another great place to go look for User Created Levels for various games was the Map-Center tho it looks like they have closed it down, most everything is still there so you can look around...

3D Realms throws us another PREY bone to chew on to keep our hunger for the game at bay... hehe
You can catch it here..
Prey Weekly Development Update #9...

Can't *Always Be On TOP* now can we???...
February game sales continue slide ... Thanks to Gamespot for this one, tho the Video Gaming World will go the same route as the Movie Biz some day, just consider how HollyWeird is running out of Scripts & Stories... There are like I said only so many stories to be told and after all those are run threw the ground there's not much left...

Oh Yeah!!, It's taken this long for all these umm, umm whatever's to figure out that Anything and Everything is just "HYPE"... Hype this, Hype that and people will want it... Keep the People in the Dark long enough and like a Mushroom *Feed Them Bullshit once in a while* and when it comes out they will buy it or possibly Eat It...

I did find this one Funny & Interesting and it's related to what I was just saying...
Feature: Blogging Down the House... Video Gaming Related of course...

Get your "Game On" and if you want a Voice that needs to be heard by Politictions go here and sign up... "Video Game Voters Network"...

This here is prolly one Very Good Reason to sign up and Let Your Voice be Heard!...
Clinton, Lieberman propose CDC investigate games...

See I told ya so...

And don't forget all you Sci-Fi Nutz!!!.. Doctor Who the new series (not the newest one) premiers Friday, March 17th on the Sci-Fi Channel...

National Geographic has some cool pics up these days... "The Yeti Crab", very interesting... Me thinks it is either a cross between a Lobster & a Crab or the direct result of all the Nulcear Testing we did in the Pacific those many years ago... And "Neesie was an Elephant??"... Hmmm, from the picture it makes sense to me...

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