Sunday, March 05, 2006
On this day:

Passing the joystick to a new generation... Bull!!!

This is a great article for Families Spending time together and sharing interests ...

What it misses on is the fact alot of younger parents these days never wanted kids and happened to fall for the ol' "Yes I love You" Crap and then ended up either not getting married or they were divorced in the first year and Daddy is MIA... i.e. Missing in Action and no where to be found, but alot of these people are Gamers... (no kidding?)...

In my Day and Age, We didn't have Video Games... Kids were actually raised by *Their Parents* and not Cartoons on the TV Set or some baby sitter that was to busy making out with her boyfriend to pay attention to them or just stuck them in a room and put on a movie while she went off and went on with her life until the parents came home...

Like any Poll these days, It is not "Everyone in the World That Is a Gamer" that was polled, just like any poll you see in the Newspaper or on TV & yepper even on the Interent... Wow, who woulda thought??...

The numbers are very small when compared to *Reality*...

Oh yeah, the actual article... Here ya go.... Philly (DOT) Com...

Kinda reminds me of all these, Yeah he "He/She Played this Video Game and Committed a Crime"...

Well Mom & Dad, where the hell were you when the kids were "Playing Those Games You Bought Them!!!" and becoming what they became???... Drinking a Bit to much with the Boss or Friends??, Cheating???, Dreaming of what you are going to do after you get Those Brats Out of The House???, Planning Your Next Vacation???, Shopping for Underwear???, or was it that new *Status Symbol You Needed?*...

A Brand New BMW or that Necklace you just couldn't live without, or those Clothes or that Perfume or maybe that (insert Your Wish here)... Was it that "Much of a Burden to Raise Those that You Conceived???"...

Yes I really do want to know...

To bad we are not faced with a *Mirror that Talks Back* each and every morning when we wake up...

Micro$oft goes for another Patent... Interesting, I wonder why no one has thought about doing this before, instant replays, change the camera angles all that cool stuff... I bet in the future Game companies will start charging people to watch online Video Game Competitions... You can read more here at "Next Generation"...
MS Lands Online Spectator Patent...

And another interesting item to be noted... Bigfoot Networks has landed the funding to go after the Nasty "Lag Monster" of Online Gaming... You can read the article here, courtesy Next Generation & Kris Craft... Anti-Lag Company Lands $4 mln...

Destroy All Humans hits that magic status I wish all the songs from our last CD would have... Platinum Damnit I wanted a Platinum Album!!!!!!!!... Oh well you can read the article here at Gameinfowire... Destroy All Humans! Blasts to Greatest Hits and Platinum Hits Status On Playstation 2 and Xbox...

Who's making the Buzz Buzz today???... Well one of my favorite Guitar Players Eddie Van Halen is... Why? I have no clue...

Oh Yeah... So There all You Anti-Smoking Activists!!!!!!!!!!!.... One in Hundreds that have already died... Dana Reeve Dies of Lung Cancer... There's more going on than you have the knowledge of and maybe you should sometime really think about what is in the water you drink, the food you eat and the air you breath... And not alot of it is Cigarette Smoke, tho I will agree it is there but not the cause of every death...

Spend more time finding other & all causes not just one and help to Eradicate All of Them... And maybe spend some time Preventing these kind of things...
Sex crime suspect nabbed after boys' Web prank... Then maybe look at this item... Terrie Hatcher talks about being being abused as a child...

From My Travels on the Net... Gamepyre...

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