Saturday, March 25, 2006
On this day:

PanoGames... Now This is Interesting Stuff...

Took a while but someone has "Finally"come along and taken Screenshots from popular Video Games and made Panorama's out of them...

This is cool stuff, check it out...Pano Games... You'll prolly need the latest version of *Quicktime* so if you don't have it be prepared to make a decision on whether to download it or not cause it may come with *iTunes* when you download...

There's also another Weekly Prey Update
for all you following the development... Thanks to 3D Realms for that one...

Micro$oft gonna buy up another little guy???... ermmmmm could be, then again it could just be a Rumor... hehe
Here's the story courtesy GameSpot...
GDC 06: Molyneux rumors fly... I really wish they would concentrate on just being able to release a *Bug Free, Stable OS* without us having to be their Test Monkey's...

Today was *A Very Sad Day in the Music World* I just found out... Country Legend & Star "Buck Owens" passed away...

03-25-2006 KUZZ Radio owner and Country Music Hall of Fame musician Alvis E. "Buck" Owens died early Saturday morning at his Bakersfield, CA home. His family says Buck died in his sleep and the cause of death is not yet known. Buck was born on August 12, 1929 in Sherman, Texas."

(the rest of the story from his personal site)... Owens Passes Away...

Country was not my favorite style of music but growing up in my parents home it was my Dad's so we watched alot of "Hee-Haw"... Back then I was destined to be a Rock Musician & Star but I could still appreciate any one genre of music that was Well Done and "Buck" did it Well!!... I also got a smile from the duets He & Roy Clark used to do...If I could have played Rock Guitar back then like Roy did Country!... Well you all would know where I would be today... hehe

"Thank you Buck for all that you have given everyone throughout your career, you made our lives a little happier on some of those days when we felt nothing was worth it"...


On another note, "LifeTime Gamer" & I are prolly gonna go on a *Road Trip* next month... The Old Fart says he's burned out on this place already and he's done nothing here 'cept put Duke Nukem in his place once (of course there is that other time He & Duke got together in the topless club but the episode hasn't been edited yet so I can't post it)... I pointed this article out to him earlier "Sony Stops Making Orignal PS" and he says: Who the Hell Cares!!.. So I told the old guy we'd take some time off and wander around the country a bit, and maybe if I can swing it I'll try to post from wherever we are at the time... That would be kinda cool... hehe

I might even pick up a few things from the local places and run a contest and give away the Spoils to our lucky readers... That will really depend on how much we gotta spend on the old man and his whims along the way...

This just in:
US reprises 'ping-pong diplomacy'... I say why not when ya got people in power that have no clue on how to Play Nice With Others!!... This makes me wonder what happened to *By The People, For The People*... Immigration March Draws 500,000 in L.A. Where are *WE THE PEOPLE* included in anything that is going on these days???... I really wanna know!!...

The Old Man "LTG" told me to say this for him: We The People of The World, For The People of The World...

Minister's widow apologizes... Yeah right, then why did she do it in the first place???... What in the Hell is Wrong with People these Days???, a few to many Pills from a family doctor that prescribes whatever the Drug Companies give him as Samples and say *They Work Wonders* for your patients tho none of the Designers of the Drugs have a clue what they really do to humans... And Who the Hell Approves these kinds of Medications???...

Gee, I bet all you guys know... hehehe

Then again she could have just been a wife that felt left out of a marriage that was just not made in heaven or maybe there was some *Cheating Going on* somewhere that we do not know about... I think the one that really knows the truth is her and we may never know the real answer to this one..

From the *How Stupid Are People Department* again I might add...
Microsoft employees call for Ballmer to go... The Sooner the Better in My Opinion, BUT!!!

Vista is no where near *Prime Time* and doing as they usually do and release a Buggy OS will come back to Byte Them Big Time in the End... People are really tired of getting software that they have to continually patch and screw around with because it was released *Way Before It's Time*... Who cares if they *Miss Their Damn Holiday Sales???*, I sure as hell don't and I'm willing to bet no one that would buy it cares either...

The people that care about this delay are the ones getting all those Nice Big Bonuses so they can keep their expensive Cars, Houses, Girls, Drugs & whatever it is they spend that money on...

Sleep-Deprived Teens Dozing Off at School
... Gee it's not the Parents fault!!!... Just buy them a few more Cell Phones, Cars, Game Consoles, shove them in theirs rooms and Ignore them some more... Can't really blame parents these days cause that's prolly how they were raised, then again I am hearing the words *Lazy & well gee we never really wanted Kids*... So much easier to blame those that raised you for your problems then to actually solve them...

More Stuff Later...

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