Thursday, March 09, 2006
On this day:

No Booting EFI for Windows Vista... No Kidding???...

Hmmmm... I smell a *Rat Here* a Big F&c*g Rat!!!!....Remember when Apple said they would not do anything to prevent Windows from Booting on the new MacTels???...

Guess what???.. They didn't have to, Micro$oft did it for them... I wonder how many calls were made from Jobs to Gates after Apple decided to go Intel???... Since they are old buddies I do have to wonder... hehe

You can read it here...

I'm also wondering what in nature created the "Micheal Moore's
", "Rush Limbaugh's" & "Howard Sterns" ??...

Something in each of their Parents Genes???... and I'm not talking LEVI's... I really gotta wonder why these guys need the attention??... Were they bullied as kids???, no friends???, just wanted attention they didn't get at home???, No highschool sweetie??... What???????????????????????

This is cool... Nano Mame Cabinet... If ya wanna play Pacman on your iPod Nano why not have a cabinet to go with it???... Scott's Nano Mame Cabinet...

Got the funniest SPAM Email I have every gotten in all my years on the internet the other day... The subject of the email was: "
Your wife prefers your dog’s penis to yours?" Ummm, 'Scuse me???... I'm not currently married at the moment and I do not need Viagra thank you very much...

Needless to say I emailed him back and asked:
*Did Your Parents Have Any Kids That Lived???*... Doubt I'll get a reply on that one... hehe

There are some really sick people out there...
Sex Offender Turns to Gaming ... Guess they will go to any means to get their kicks... Courtesy Shacknews... I think maybe the idea behind the movie "Minority Report" may not be such a bad idea after all... And this Tennessee pondering violent-game ban is not going to stop any of it, it's not where the intial problem lies...Courtesy Gamespot... The Lawmakers need to take a look at what goes on in these kids lives when they *Are Not Playing Video Games*... Just go to most of the Video Gaming Forums and where ever it is your kid hangs out and see how & what they talk about... Might be an Eye Opener to most parents...


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