Thursday, February 02, 2006
On this day:

Duke Nukem Rears His *Macho* Ugly Head Again...

Doh????... Like how many years do we have to wait for Duke Nukem: Forever??... I just have given up on the game...

Listening to a 1Up Interview with George Broussard from 3D Realms, guess you could call it a *Podcast* these days... All I hear is *Excuses*, Tech gets better and they wait until it comes out so they can catch up... Ain't gonna happen George, sorry Buddy you had your time...

Sooooo, if Duke does ever come out it could be Awesome, but I see the words *Vaporware* in my dreams and sometimes on Billboards, but then again I may be seeing things or just in a dream...

Now the *BUZZ* word is PREY another game 3D Realms gave up on... Thank the powers that be some other Studio got the Itch to take up the game and really make it happen... Oh yeah it is Human Head Studios...

Shit about time!!!...

Maybe it's time for 3D Realms to just become Creators & Producers of Video Game Ideas and not actually try anymore to create the games themselfs... Considering the lack of *Major Bucks from Investors or "Robbers"* and just being a medium operation that's not much incentive to *Get Things Done*, more likely it's the reason to always say: "When it's Done"... They did do pretty well helping on Max Payne... Of course I meant the first one...

Well here I am again and just downloaded JonoF's Port of Duke Nukem 3D for Windows XP... All I can say is *Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*... Along with the High-Resolution Pack it is Fun to Play again and brings it nearly up to todays game standards but with that "Old Game Feel", tho you need to *OWN* Duke Nukem 3D as in you actually purchased it like I did Twice and as far as I know so far it's not working with the "Duke Nukem 3D Plutonium Pak" as of yet...

Sooooo need *Screens of it?*... Okay... Go here to
JonoF's site... And it would be nice if you threw him a few bucks for his efforts... I will when I get back to work...

*Update*... Seems Duke Nukem: Forever made the Vaporware Awards #1 spot again... hehe

and the grand prize was Duke Nukem Forever, which has been in development for almost nine years, longer than any other game ever made."

You can read the rest at Gamasutra...

Myself I'll let all of you see what Duke was doing on Dave's Show this Past Christmas 2005...

Image hosting by Photobucket

Not a happy nite for either of them...


Metal Gear Movie????... Geeze where do these people get their Info, Especially Directors... NO! Way Uwe Boll!!!...

Thanks to Joystiq for that link...

Boy I guess I missed this one also... "Hooters" Opens a Casino in Vegas???... Wow....

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