Tuesday, February 07, 2006
On this day:

DOOM "The Movie" & DOOM 3 the Game...


Just finished watching the Movie and I have had the game for few months... "Yeah I know I'm behind the times", it's called *Lack Of Funds* for all You Rich People out there...

All I can say is, I need to think about it for the night and get some sleep then compare the two... My online Buddies in the Forums think either *Sucks* but then again you may have to look at each one entirely by itself... Which I will do tomorrow...


In the mean time you can check out the Sites... DOOM the Movie... DOOM 3 the Game...

Well the time has come to "Spit Out" what I gotta...

The Movie was okay and nothing special... I think it lacked "Key Sound Effects and Music" in certain scenes where there was anticipation of upcoming events, like when they were wading around in the sewers looking for the creatures, they could have Built up the Intensity of these scenes with a few well placed sound effects and music... The "Ingame Sequence" when the character "John Grimm" goes back for his Sister was in my opinion "interesting but totally, not working for me"... The way that should have been shot to make it atleast somewhat better is: when he stopped each time the camera should have panned left or right and caught his profile while he was looking around corners and such until he started moving again and then went back to the ingame view, tho I really prolly would have left it out entirely...

The creatures were like in the game but one thing I like about the game is when you blast them they disintegrate, but if that happened in the movie then "Dr. Grimm" would have nothing to Dissect... Oh well... the guy "Pinky" with the sawed off "Segway" for the lower half of his body was pretty cool until he turned into that creature... That was not to believable in my book, they should have had someone else become that one, the "Wheels" on the creature just didn't cut it...

Dewayne "The ROCK's" performance I thought was better in "The Scorpion King" his dialogue was smoother than in DOOM, tho I'm sure as time goes on he will get better at it... hehe

The rest of the cast was good and I liked Dr. Grimm "Rosamund Pike" she played the part well... I think I would have used a bit different story line for this movie also, like maybe taking place 20-years after what happened in the game because from playing the game I was expecting it to almost be exactly like the game and it wasn't...

So I guess "Hardcore Gamers" should not go see movies that are made from Video Games and Moviegoers should not play Video Games that Movies were made from or into... hahahaha

I really think I am going to skip the movies "Resident Evil" & "Bloodrayne" just for this fact that I'm expecting it to be like something I have seen or played... The Game I still have to finish which may take me quite some time since I'm stuck in one Level... Oh well...

Oh and on another note I just watched "H.G. Wells: War of the Worlds" with C. Thomas Howell... Umm, better than the one with Tom Cruise "War of the Worlds" but not by much...

Both seemed a "Bit Lacking & Wanting", they both end the same way the original does but what can you really expect from *Remakes?*... The Original will always prolly be the best & some movies should just never be remade... Time for "HollyWeird" to take writing lessons and come up with some more on the lines of "National Treasure", one of the best I have seen in many years... Better story than "Tomb Raider" for sure...

These days, just really cool effects & a lame story... So sad...

HALO 2 for Windows Vista only???... Boy that's gonna piss some people off... Read more here: XBOX Press

Well Crap!!!!... I forgot...

From My Travels on the Net... Joystick Junkies have just updated their site with a New & Pretty Cool looking Theme... Check 'em out...

And what is on everyones minds these days???... OIL! and Hybrid Cars... Ford has an Idea, "Hybrid Electric Cars"... Not sure if they are ready for Prime Time or not... Many other Car Makers have them and are working on them so you can look at the Next Link for the others... Hybrid Cars, myself I think it's time to start moving closer to your Job and "Just Walk to Work"... I walked to work for nearly 17+ years... Kinda nice knowing I helped a Tiny Bit with the Problem at Hand...

Oh Please!!!!!!... I think maybe it's time to move to a New Planet... The News, Teenage Groom Found in OHIO and had to be My Home State didn't it???...

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