Tuesday, January 03, 2006
On this day:

Lil Posion vs. Old Grandma Hardcore....

Now this would be one Hell of a Matchup... hehe

Just ran across an article about the 7-year old HALO Champ... I gotta say I'm very impressed... If there had been Video Games when I was growing up I would have prolly followed that path instead of becoming a full-time musician... Oh well...

Now if Grandma is a HALO player it would be fun to see who would come out on top since there is around 62-years difference in their ages...

My Money's on the "Kid"... hehehe

Check both out at their websites... Lil Posion & Old Grandma Hardcore... (Clicky Links)...

Never been much into these Fantasy Style Movies but this one looks like a winner The Chronicles of Narnia... I might even have to go see it... hahaha

Another thing that caught my attention... How the hell did John Kerry, Inked & Lucky Charms become such hot search terms all of sudden?... I thought Kerry fell off the face of the Planet or something... Man what is this world coming too... and Who is Diana Degarmo anyways???


If such a tourny were ever to take place, Lil Poison would probably DESTROY my Grandma, dude. Grandma's cool as hell, but that kid knows his shit when it comes to Halo.

Just my opinion ;)
I'm sure he would.. hehe

Thanks for stopping by.... :D
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