Friday, January 27, 2006
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Configuring and Purchasing a Computer From an Online Store...

Yeah, I gotta tell the story after all and it's gonna be short and sweet without alot of Benchmarks and all that other crap...

One of my long time friends wanted a gaming machine and wanted me to build it for him... NOT!!!!... I learned in the past few years being back home I no longer want anything to to with *Fixing or Building Anything* for a "Friend or Anyone Else"...

As soon as something goes wrong *I am at Fault*... Nope ain't going that route on this one... So I asked his Budget and said I would put something together for him, which I did... Nice AMD Dual-Core machine, Simple Gaming Case, etc. etc. and it came in a Nice Box from iBUYPOWER... I could have went with anyone of the online stores but I choose them for this build...

Well when I opened the box and set the Machine up it worked great from the first second... I started to load all the things he wanted on it and then proceeeded to get it on the internet... It came with alot of CD's some of which I wasn't expecting, and one that was Missing... NERO 7 to be exact I also thought we were getting Half-Life 2 but in reality it was only a Coupon to download the game with someone crossing out the expiration date and inking a new one... So I called them and was told the NERO CD would be sent out, which it wasn't so another call after about ten days got it here Fedex in about 3 days...

I'll cut to the chase here and not bore you with anything else...

1. Make sure when your configuring your own as in building your own you check to see if MOBO's and everything else work together and can be wired together... THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT and will save you headaches in the end...

Case in point, the actual Computer Case which I chose is this one in black
Raidmax X-1 ATX Mid-tower Case since he like me is not into the looks of the Machine but how well it performs... Well here comes the first complaint, the front Headset Inputs did not work, i.e Headphones & Mic... So a call to you know who and they said that the MOBO prolly did not support the connection...Ummm, a Asus A8N-SLI Premium nForce4-SLI Does not support this??? it says it does in the manual or atleast that's the way I read it... So it looks like they did not bother to hook it up on our Machine... I'll read up some more on this...

2. I played around with setting up a Cool Background Pic for Him of a Dr. WHO which I downloaded the Jpeg and proceeded to set it up as the background and set the Windows THEME to "Classic" since he did not like theWindows XP Theme and nor do I... hehe

Well here's where that problem started... Every once in a while when the system Booted, which it does Very, Very Fast I might add it would default back to the *Default* XP Theme... After about 50 or more Boots it has quit doing that and stays with the Classic theme now.. Guess I won't waste time trying to figure out why it was doing it and if it had something to do with XP not picking up on the *Hive Files*...

All in all this is a Great Machine and one of the things I like...

If anything goes wrong he can call them and *NOT ME!!* cause I'm not going to go over there and fix it, period...

So if your gonna build something Online for yourself or anyone else, make sure you read up on this stuff and when you get the machine Test everything on day-1 and beat the Machine for a few days so hopefully if anything goes wrong it will be well within the warranty time of the Seller your purchased it from...

And what's with MySpace getting all this Buzz lately from Yahoo ?... That place reminds me of 1-UP and not at all friendly when you set up your account, nor is it that good of a looking site...

Here's one for you gamers... GameShadow
All-In-One for Gamers... Seems it will check all the games on your Machine and keep track of any *Patches/Updates and Other Stuff* you may need to keep yourself happy & gaming your Butt Off!!!...

Looks interesting if your also looking for DEMOS, all kinds of stuff and just to lazy to do this yourself... Check 'em out...

And this Bad Boy is gonna be good.. Enemy Territory: Quake Wars...

From my travels on the Net Gamers Krew...


One thing I should have not left out is a Young Man in my Home Town with a Serious Problem...

I'm not going to ask for help or go into details, I'll leave that up to you if you want to click and go to his site..

Chase Berger...

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