Sunday, July 24, 2005
On this day:

Now That *Floppy Disks* are Pretty Much Extinct What are You going to Do with That Empty Space in Your Computer... Hmmmm???

Me, I'm gonna wait for the *Next Big Thing*... Hahahaha.. I think we all say then we just wait and wait and wait and never get the things we really wanted...

Actually I think we will replace them with *Credit Card Readers* or some such device if the Banks and Government can ever get *Online Security* under control so we can purchase things online without having to worry... (I doubt it)... hehe

Maybe they should just hire all the *Hackers* out there and be done with it!!!.. But then again just like terrorists for every one you get rid of a 100 replace him.. Little kids wanting to impress their friends and neighbors hack banks and other friends just to Impress others until they are *Caught*, then it's *Gee I Wasn't Doing Anything Wrong* or *I Didn't Know Any Better*...

I have to say, Shame on the Parents who seem to never have enough time for their kids that they let them go this far a Stray...

If anyone wants to blame anyone for the Future which we all will be living in in not to short of time, Blame the Parents of the last 15 or so years for not bothering take the time to care about what happens to the rest of the world becuase they were to busy worrying about themselfs... (I'll leave Drugs & other things out of this one)...

So there ya have it in a *Nutshell*, it should give everyone something to think about when everything goes to Hell in a Handbag..

Oh yeah, we do have a future but only you can make it better and *Beware The Little Monsters You have Spawned*, They will be Coming for YOU!...

Gaming link in awhile I have to back up some code 1st..



I forgot something... You can *Burn* about 450 (+/-) of those little suckers, i.e. *1.44 meg Floppy Disks* onto *1-CD*...

Guess you all will be busy for quite some time.. Let me know when Dinner is, I'm hungry..

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