Tuesday, June 14, 2005
On this day:

Yep, I'm Kinda Back Kinda Sorta....

Due to a Major Family Situation which to me seems like months and months on end and not a happy thing considering the outcome of what is about to happen plus assorted Computer and Moving My Residence again for the 6th time in less than 2-years Problems I may be able to post more often now that I have some sort of a computer running these dayz and not have to run the the local Library 10-times a day to check Email & Job Postings...

Atleast I'm not sleeping in my *Lil' Chevy Beretta* again... Man those tiny cars and seats can be a killer on your back and not having a Job for nearly 2-years and all my Income just drying up in the past few months makes for a *Very Stressed Out Keith*......

One of my long time friends Al Bondar and prolly one of the Premier Keyboard Players in the United States since the early 70's has emailed me with a link to a *Live CD* that he and his partner did so many years ago I almost forgot about it...

So if your into *ProgRock*, i.e. ELP, YES, and others, I suggest you check this one out.. I got to see Emerson, Lake & Palmer in the very early 70's and I was in awe for about 3-weeks... Then I got to see Bondar & Wise in a local club in Sandusky, Ohio in the near mid 70's...

Well that was when I got to see and hear two Virtuoso Musicians, Al Bondar & Bob Wise and get my first close up look at a MOOG Synth...

So here is the link I have to that live CD: Amazon Enjoy!!!... It's Really Good Stuff..

I have alot of Great Memories of hanging out with Al & Bobby, but that's another story for another time and I still have to finish my book: Six Strings & A Suitcase...

So there ya go... I'll get ya all a Video Gaming Link as soon as I feel comfortable again with my surroundings..


Okay, Okay!!!.... You can have a Gaming Link..

From my Travels on the Net, the Random Game Site of the Day: Sports Gaming Network ... Enjoy!


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