Friday, June 17, 2005
On this day:

Money Money Money and "The More the Merrier!"

Now I seem to know why this country is going down the tubes as far as the Amercian Worker goes...The *Rich Get Richer* and the *Poor Get Poorer*... (Old saying I know)...

After talking with alot of my friends around here seems everyone has the same complaints about their Jobs...
*No 40-Hours and No Benefits*... Most work 12-hour shifts 3-days a week and have to pay for their own benefits... That leaves you one day to recouperate and 3 days to enjoy yourself... Kinda sucks in my book, I'd rather work every day and have the evenings and Saturday & Sunday to myself...

Seems the Upper Management at most of these places around here *Suck Really Bad Also*... I've never heard so many complaints about how the Managers and stuff in retail stores will not lift a finger to help out when things get busy, but they will yell their lungs out when operations don't go smoothly... Of course they have to keep their labor costs down so they can get those *Bonus Checks!*, thus less hours for everyone... (Idiots!!!)...

One friend told me she was in a meeting with Upper Management and was asked some question which I don't remember but her reply was: *We're Your Cavier and Your Our Toast & Eggs*... I thought that was very fitting... hehehe

I guess that's just the way it goes, To bad some of these Company Owners and Management couldn't see their way to take a 15% Pay Cut and have the Employees maybe take a 5% Cut so they could keep everyone working instead of laying people off... (Now I know why alot of people have part time Jobs here)...

And the Real Estate Costs here are totally *CRAZY!!!*... These people must think their living in California or something... No home around here is worth what is being asked these days... My God it takes nearly 3-4 people in a family living in the same house with full time jobs just to be able to afford some of these Dumps...

Oh well, I guess if I ever get back to working I will start complaining myself... hehe

Here's some Great Medical News about Cancer Treatments, tho it will be along time before it helps those that need it, read it here: University of Michigan Health System...

I'll have a gaming link later...

Here ya go....

From my Travels on the Net, the Random Game Site of the Day: World of Enjoy!


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