Thursday, June 23, 2005
On this day:

Beam Me Up Scotty!!!... Or Should I Say Beam Me into a TV Game Show Live..

Interesting stuff coming from the Germans... Seems soon you'll be able to be on TV, like Games Shows etc. from your home or while your out and about using your mobile phone...

I still envision the day when the walls of your house will actually be giant *Information Appliances* and all you'll have to do is talk to it... Like say: Left Top CNN, Middle Top Call Mother, Right Top MTV, and on and on... And there you will have *Visually* all the items you asked for... hehehe...

I think I seen something like that in Arnies Movie *Total Recall*...

Okay now on to the link, courtesy of PhysOrg: Beam yourself live into the TV...

Okay now a gaming link... This seems to be a new site that will offer Reviews of Games from pretty much everywhere, not just the ones released in the U.S.... And they seem to cover all the consoles, etc....

So since your prolly doing nothing at all right now besides playing on your computer and surfing the web or listening to music while your surfing the web... Go here and give them a look see...

Here ya go....

From my Travels on the Net, the Random Game Site of the Day: Siliconera... Enjoy!


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