Sunday, October 10, 2004
On this day:

What I "Know" & "Think" about File Sharing...

First I have to tell you.. I was an Art Student in High School besides being a Musician... I was not a very good artist because I was "Left Handed" not by choice but by: "Falling out of My High Chair" at a very young age.. The result was "Both" My Collar Bones were Broken and the left one healed first.. Hence I did things with my left hand, but when I started playing guitar I was a "Right Handed" Guitar Player.. When I was this age, I "Dreamed" of making my Living & Mark in the world with either my Artwork or Songs..

Well lets forward maybe 30+ years.. After high school and being pretty darn good at making original jewelry I decided I wanted to be a "Rock Star".. I had a few Bands while in high school and it was fun, most of the guys thought it was just for fun, even tho we did win many Battle of the Bands back then. For me it was going to be my living for the rest of my life.. My Dad hated the Idea, Mom was more for it..

Well, I finally got the chance to hit the road and spent nearly 10-years traveling the country in Bar Bands & Original Bands.. Along the way in the early 80's I also got into Computers just to have something to fall back on..

Now let's get to this day and time about 5-years ago.. While in Los Angeles I was making my Living with Computers and Playing/Performing "Original" Rock Music at night with my Band.. Hmm that sounds like fun don't it?..

Well, what I have left out is the months & years I was living in a burned out Farm House while trying to get a Band together just to play Clubs & Write Original Songs and the other things I had to endure over the years.. Ever lived on "Popcorn" and whatever you could get for supper??.. I bet none of "YOU" ever had to worry where your next meal was coming from..

Well it "Ain't" Fun...And 5-months of that makes you kinda Nutz & also makes you one Hell of a Musician..

So on to my Point.. I've been on TV, the Radio and have done many Live Shows.. Why Should "I Not Get Paid For My Songs & Talent?".. Seems all of you think it should be FREE.. Well how would you like a job that you never get paid for??..

I really doubt you would, but you seem to Love to Download Games & Songs and not worry if the creators make any money.. I have to agree that the "Major" people in the industry make most of the money but it's not the creators fault.. They seem to have what "We" need to get our songs to you the "Listeners"..

So the next time think about what you are doing.. If you can get it directly from the Band if they offer it..

***What P2P Does Not Stand For***
P2P does not stand for 'Permission 2 Pilfer'


Pirate2Pirate filesharing

From my Travels on the Net, the Random Game Site of the Day: Gamers Lounge Enjoy.



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