Wednesday, September 01, 2004
On this day:

Troll Alert!!!, "What the Hell is That?"... I'm sure alot of you are asking that question right now.. Basically it's a saying we use on the Website Forums.. It pertains to a "Person or Persons" who have nothing better to do but post really stupid Questions or Subjects that are totally meaningless, sometimes they just say stupid things not even pertaining to the Subject of the post or the questions asked.. Most of them are around 10 or 16 years old so I can see why (They just have no clue).. You could also call this stuff "SPAM" and here's how we deal with Spam..

So anyways there's a little tid-bit for ya..

Ahh speaking of music I have been listening to alot of the "New" bands on the Radio and believe it or not I do like a few.. I like "Velvet Revolver" and some of the songs by "NickleBack", not sure if I spelled that one correctly but what the hell I don't get paid to spell perfectly.. Since my musical background goes back to almost the early 60's I kinda wonder what these Bands today are thinking.. Almost every song I hear some guy is just "Screaming" and not making any sense at all.. Or the Guitar Player & Bass Player have to tune down so they can sound like every other Guitar Player & Bass player.. "Man o Man" enough of that crap, it's been done!!!.

Another Band I used to like is making a comeback and that's Van Halen.. The new songs sound really "Fresh" considering how long they have been out of the Music Scene.. Eddies' Guitar Playing seems to be right on if not even a little more creative than the last Album/CD they did.. Saying that and having accomplished as much as he did musically, I would venture to say there's not many more places for Eddies' playing to go these days, but I still like it.. A couple of other Bands back on the Scene with new CD's are The Scorpions & Tesla.. The New Scorps stuff is pretty good tho the singer (Can't remember his name off-hand) doesn't hit those High Notes like he used, atleast on the tunes I heard.. As for Tesla, them getting another CD out just pisses me off to no end.. Not that they are bad or anything but my band had just as good material and the Major Labels basically said to us: You don't sound enough like "Warrant" and those other Bands!.. Umm, 'scuse ME!!!!!.. "We aren't Warrant or those other Bands" you ignorant Fools!!.. Oh well so went my career down the tubes.. haha..

Earlier tonight after Fixing a few Html Code problems with the site (Basically I just copied alot of link code from the template and added banners and stuff, so I really do not know what I'm doing.. haha).. Oh, back to what I was saying, so earlier tonight I posted a link to the site in some Band Website Forums offering Bands a chance to send me links and I will either talk about them after I hear a few songs or I am thinking of including a Band link with every post like I do for the Video Games.. That way you all get something extra for nothing and that's one heck of a deal I think.. Oh yeah, I also posted it in some Video Game Forums so Maybe I will be getting Artwork Created by others pertaining to Video Games and Stuff to post for all to look at and admire..

So much for those subjects, nothing new on the "Job Hunting" Front.. Basically I'm still unemployed as they say.. Not much new on the computer side of things either except a few updates to Anti Virus Software and Malware/Trojan Fighting Utilities, so you all better check and make sure your updated.. Do it now before you get bit by one of those nasty things.. I keep all my programs set to "Automatically" update themselfs atleast everyday, that way I know I have a fighting chance.. hehe

Time for a short intermission, while I think up other junk to talk about and burn some CD's of all my Utilities.. I have a long time friend that is very very new to computers and he wouldn't know bout all this Virus & Malware/Trojan Crap, so I'm going over tomorrow and get him Setup and his Computer Protected..

Be back in a few... (Like you guys really care).. hahaha

WOW!!!!!... This just in... Seems we may have a Signal from E.T.'s Mom..

I find this really interesting, take a look... Thanks to Mark of the SETI Team Art Bell for the link.

Man, I gotta remember to pick a font when I'm posting.. haha.. Besides that I've been looking at the Templates I have available for this little site of mine.. Not much there but I think I have found one I may use that does not have as bright of a background as this one does.. The only thing I don't care for is it lists things from my profile on the right side and I guess all my links & banners would end up there also.. That would mean, copying and pasting all this custom code I have done.. Oh well, it's better than having to start all over..

Hmm... Here's a little Diddy from FARK, seems Ford is at it again with the new Ford Shelby GR-1 .. Nice looking car..

Ahh well it's late and I'm Pooped!!..

From my Travels on the Net, the Random Game Site of the Day: Cube Europe Enjoy.



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