Wednesday, September 08, 2004
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Solar Powered Computers. What Will They Think of Next?.

Pretty interesting article courtesy of Slashdot.. Seems India is in need of some Spare Electrical Power.. hehe..
Basically it's for Schools in the Rural Areas.. Very Good Idea I'd say.. OSNEWS also has some Techie stuff for you Techies out there.. Some Spamming News over at arstechnica that I found really, really interesting..

"One of the world's largest ISPs and hosting providers — Savvis — has let 148 spammers know that they are no longer welcome" (courtesy of arstechnica)..

Over at the big news is the Crash of the "Genesis Capsule".. That is a Real Bummer in my book.. I hope they find a way to recover all the "Solar Wind (Dust)" They had collected and waited so long to retrieve.. Being the Total Science & Sci-Fi Nut that I am, I always hope for the NASA experiments to go way beyond what they were expecting from them.. Atleast we got a few "Extra" Miles from those 2-Mars Rovers.. hehe..

Well last night was very interesting, I posted my Blog about Tommy's site from a friends computer, then when I get home I wanted to add to it and BOOM!!!!.. I couldn't publish anything.. So being the Techie I am I crazily look around for problems with my computer.. After finding nothing I delete alot of Cache, Internet Files & Temp Files.. Alas "No Go", so I tried 2-different web browsers, "No Go".. After being frustrated for a few hours I decide to check out the "Status" of my host.. No Outage News.. So I emailed them a Report & Today they said they had wide spread problems but all is fixed now.. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I'm back in business..

Well back to some Gaming News.. No I haven't signed up at Tommy's Forums yet.. I've been busy tying up "Loose Ends" so I can move on with my life.. I did finally get back to my friends computer and finish that up.. Boy what a mess that was.. I didn't know he was downloading music and things, that's why he had so much "Spyware, Viruses & Trojans" on his computer.. Visit My Archives for the Post "Yep it's Sunday Evening.. Time to Talk Spyware, Viruses & Other Stuff"
for Programs/Utilities That will help you RID Yourself of these "Pesky Pests".... After getting a decent "Registry Editor" I was able to get rid of alot of "Needless" stuff that was causing problems on Boot up.. Basically his machine was so messed up I couldn't even run "Regedit" or darn near anything else.. So I got RegSeeker and that helped me get rid of all the Crap!!. If you have never edited or messed with the Windows Registry, I suggest "You DO NOT!".. It's so easy to basically screw everything up in a matter of seconds, especially if you have not "Backed Up The Registry".. If your tempted to do anything like this, get some HELP!! from someone that knows how to do it and learn from them.. Look here for "How to Back up the Windows Registry" just so you know in case you ever need it..

This is one saying that I really like to post for those that seem to "Have to Download Stuff They Do Not Own"..

***What P2P Does Not Stand For***
P2P does not stand for 'Permission 2 Pilfer'

Oh yeah, I was suppose to be talking Gaming.. My how the mind wanders when you get old.. Haha!!!.. So anyways I have been over the years entering the "Photo Contests" over at 3D Realms .. They would post silly pictures and have people send in "Captions" for them.. Well believe it or not I actually "WON" one year, Yeah Me, Keith L. Dick.. Well the new one they are running I also decided to enter and I may have a good chance of winning this one also. But ya never know.. hehe.. The Prize is a copy of Duke Nukem Forever (when it's done) and I think a Duke Nukem Action Figure (Which I have 2 already) and a Mouse Pad (I have 1)..

So for all the people who think Duke is Dead!!!, I'd say maybe he is still "Alive" considering the Prize in this contest.. Or if he's not, they can just send me "Alot of Money" hahahaha...

"I'll Be Back For More!!!...

From my Travels on the Net, the Random Game Site of the Day: GameDreamz Enjoy..



P.S. Don't forget to check out the Archives for -The Older Stuff-

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