Saturday, September 18, 2004
On this day:

Micro$oft Has Done it Again!!..

Seems now the Software Giant wants to check your computer to see if you actually have a "Valid" Version of Windows.. Makes me go: Hmmmmmm!! like they don't already have enough "Money".. I can see the fact that alot of Revenue is Lost by Piracy, but these guys must need some extra cash for their Summer Homes, Big Cars, and What Have You.. So how much Money is enough to have??..

You can check out the whole article courtesy of: cNET.. And on a related note, seems Internet Explorer, Micro$softs Incredibly "UnSafe" Web Browser is finally losing ground due to the new "Bad Boy" on the Block: FireFox.. Internet Explorer Stole the scene from Netscape and then Mozilla but hopefully it will "Die" a horrible painful death at the hands of "FireFox".. hehe.. Read the article courtesy of:

Besides all this "Crap" a German Website has an Article about XP Service Pack 2 having "Vulnerabilities" in "File Sharing & Printer Sharing".. What next?.. I guess it's about time to try "Linux" and say good riddens to our ol buddy Micro$oft.. hahaha... Here's a link with some of the info on these "New Problems" courtesy of Slashdot.. But unless you can read "German", your out of luck if you go to the German Site..

Oh Yeah, a Note to Mr. Gates..

Instead of giving "Millions" to all those "Worthy Organizations" You and Wifey throw "Money At", how about throwing some at "Your Own Worthless Company!!"..

Yawn... Yeah I know I'm Barking out My Own A$$, but Hey!!!.. That Dude has more Money than I do..

I'll be back with some gaming stuff after I get to the store and get some stuff for the evening..

Hey!!.. I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, like anyone cares.. Well if ya want your nitely Gaming Links, you'll care... hahaha

Sooooooooooo... I give up on all this Mickey$oft stuff...

Back to the gaming things... I was as always searching my brains out for new cool stuff and did find this one..

Seems there's a new Company I had not seen in my endless search for "Everything Gaming" and Boy do they have some "Custom Made Toyz"..

The offerings they have are not for the "Out of Work Gamer", since most of us are "Really Broke"... But if your Parents have "Tons of Money to Throw Away", then get all the items they sell.. Hahaha..

These are cool "Simulation Items" that would be fun to have, but if you have a "Money Making Biz" that would make them more to your liking.. i.e., if you have a Arcade kinda money maker..

So take a look here: GameDeck .. Enjoy...

Oh yeah, your nitely Gaming Link..

Naw!!!!, you do not deserve one!!!.. Well, maybe, but I'm not sure..

Hmm.. Okay, maybe a "Cheezy One"...

From my Travels on the Net, the Random Game Site of the Day: All PS2 Enjoy.



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