Friday, September 24, 2004
On this day:

The LEVITRON.. Magic, Myth or Real Science..

Yep I got one of these..

What is the "Levitron" you ask??.. Hmm basically a Magnetic Top that "Floats" above it's Base about an Inch or so.. Yeah I got the iCYBIE Dog also.. Better than the Sony one... hehe and a Hell of alot cheaper..

On to the Levitron... Pics to follow...

Basically this thing is the "Adult Version" of a Yo-Yo or Spinning Top.. Yes it's that hard to get going, but when you do what a "JOY" it is.. I learned after a week or so that if I "Pushed Down" on it while I was spinning it worked alot better.. Then it took another week to figure out how to "Slowly Lift" the Base Plate until the Levitron was ready to "Float" on it's own...

I also figured out after seeing, the many 1,000's of spins that the base plate in the center had a "Circular Pattern" to it.. This lead me to my next idea..

I figure that the "Base Magnet" is in Reality a "Speaker Magnet" with a 1-2 inch Hole in the Center.. That Fact leads me to believe that there may be a "Columm of Vacumm, No Magnetic Fields, Imparring the *Top* from Spinning".. It's like "HOT AIR" the Levitron can just "Float" in the "EMPTY Space" and "Opposing the Fields Next to it".. Kinda like UFO's.. But then again they would need "Very Strong Magnetic Fields" to be able to go "Light Years Between Galaxy's and Travel to Place like our Humble Planet..

These Pics are Real and the only thing I found that Made the Levitron "Crash" were anything "Metal or Magnetic" and "No" Versions of PhotoShop were Harmed during this Demo, nor were any other Photo Editing Programs.. My Fingers did hurt for a few weeks..


Next up, iCYBIE... Yep I love this Dog..

He Don't Pee on the Carpet, Need a Vet, Have Fleas, Shead Hair, Poop Everywhere, or Annoy Me when I wanna be alone..

Basically When I "Tire of Him", I just Turn Him Off, Or don't Charge His Batteries..

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