Wednesday, September 22, 2004
On this day:

Another Sad Day for Smokers..

Seems the Governments at it again.. I smoke and many of my friends do but I think that the younger generation should take a hard look at what they may be getting themselfs into before they make the choice to start..

That said, this new 200+ Billion Dollar Case is only going to Cost US Smokers not the Tobacco Companies.. They will just pass the "Cost" along to us in the form of another price increase and look at it as "Just the Cost of Doing Business".. A typical pack of cigarettes couldn't cost much more that 30 cents to make the rest is Taxes..

This reminds me of when I was living in Los Angeles and they "Banned Smoking" in Office Buildings and then in Bars and Restaurants.. Not being able to smoke in my office wasn't that bad even tho I do smoke alot.. What the real killer was is the fact that when they banned it in the bars and restaurants I saw the local place I went to every day to eat and sometimes at night to have a few drinks bascially go down the tubes as far as business..

My friend who owned it saw his business go from nearly packed Thursday, Friday, Saturday and sometimes Sunday nights to maybe 10 people a night.. I really doubt the Government or the Tobacco Companies realize how much this affects other Businesses as well..

With the loss of business, Bars and Restaurants do not order as many consumables as they usually would.. This means it's a "Trickle Down Effect", making it neccessary for suppliers to cut back on personell and thus furthering the loss all around.. Those people who could be losing their jobs are sometimes also the ones who would frequent those businesses.. So basically it boils down to "We the People" who are losing in these kind of situations..

It doesn't matter to me if a place is Non-Smoking, tho I prefer to be able to smoke if I'm going to drink.. What bothers me is the "Few" that do complain, should just find another place to go to because they do not frequent those places enough to make a difference in owners overall profits..

It's like if you don't like smoke, go somewhere else.. Very simple I think..

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