Sunday, August 29, 2004
On this day:
Yes, I'm back after doing some cleaning up around here and not being able to get any sleep.. It seems there's a new kid on the block in the Auto Industry.. BOSE, those Guys & Gals famous for Audio Systems have now ventured in to the Car Suspension Systems Market.. This is mighty impressive stuff if it works like they say it does, tho I've never seen anything in my life that worked "Exactly" like the manufacturer said it was going to.. You can check it out here: Bose® Suspension System ..

For those of you that have a very active imagination and sit around most of the time wondering "How Stuff Works".. Well I'm going to give you the link to the site that answers most of your questions.. And of course you can search the site for any subject your little wandering mind cares for.. hehe.. And yes there will be things that you will not find there YET!, I'm sure they ad new stuff all the time so don't fret it'll be there in the future if you can't find it now. So take a few minutes and wander over there and see what they got.. How Stuff Works .. And for those that seem to need all the Reference, Dictionary, Almanac, Joke of the Day, and all the other kind of "Mind Enhancing Information" I have for you: RefDesk ..Besides also having news and stuff, this site could keep you busy for a "Two Lifetimes".. Enjoy.

And for the Local, Regional, National & World Wide News, it is as bad as it always is.. I'm glad I don't watch but maybe 20 minutes of TV a week these days if even that much.. Seems I remember my life was alot more Fun & Happy when I wasn't constantly "Bombarded" with the problems of the rest of the world.. It's not that I really do not care, but I can take only so much of this constant News..

One thing I have noticed lately is my typing is getting pretty poor, so I'm gonna have to get me one of those "Spell Checkers" soon.. Since I now use "FireFox" as my main website "Browser" I am waiting for them to incorporate that new spell checker everyone is talking about.. For most of you that have not heard of FireFox, basically it is Mozilla with all the other programs and utilities "Stripped Out", just a bare-bones web browser and quite fast I might add.. So if your looking for a New Browser (email is not included, you will need to download "ThunderBird" for that), go here and check it out: FireFox .. If your not experienced in setting up your own email, I would not recommend you try ThunderBird yet.. One cool thing is you can download other themes for FireFox and tweak the way it looks, also there are other "Plugins" that can be installed for added features, just look on the right side of their website.. Just in case your were thinking, No you do not have to uninstall Internet Explorer in order to use FireFox, basically you can have as many browsers installed on your computer as you want and use most of them at the same time like I sometimes do.. So have at it, I did..

Since I'm now on the "Tech" related side, the next post will include alot of New Utilities I recommend everyone have. There is alot of Spyware, Adware, Trojans, Malware & Viruses going around these days. Most of these you will not even know your computer is infected with unless you notice slow downs and alot of locking up or the computer shutting down on it's own.. I was lucky with my computer and only found a couple of adware programs but, a few I have looked at for friends were totally infested with almost everything.. I can only see these things getting worse in the months & years to come. And since Micro$oft is so slow about fixing anything, i.e. all their security holes, we will have to suffice using all these extra programs to keep our computers safe.. The one good thing about all these Apps is they are "FREE", as in no cost to you unless you really benefit from them and you can donate to the casue if you wish by visiting their sites and paying alittle something for all their efforts to keep your computer safe.. Also I will include a very good site to get Technical Help from in case you are having other problems with your computer.. I've been going there everyday and helping out as much as my knowledge allows.. They have some really excellent people there that know their stuff, also they unfortunately have some "Dummies" that just like to spout off and offer their stupid ideas on what is wrong with someones computer.. But all in all, you will get the best help you can without having to pay for phone calls to tech support or taking your computer in to the Computer Store for repairs.. Of course there are times you will have to take it in, but like everything else in the world, Nothings Perfect.. hehe

Ah yes, now we get back to the Video Gaming side of things. Since I'm a "Lifetime Gamer" of course I have alot of extras for my computer and games.. Most of the younger gamers I see today tend to use the keyboard for moving, shooting and everything else while playing. Me I like to use the Mouse & I used to use the keyboard until I got one of these: The Claw .. The combination of devices like this and the mouse will make anyone a better gamer.. When I want to play all those old Arcade Fighting, Sports, etc. type of games I pull out this bad boy: The X-Arcade .. And for some really interesting fun, I use these for Realistic 3D Game Play: Xforce3D .. These make buying my Force Feedback Steering Wheel worth the money.. hehe

Well now it's about time to get some sleep I think, so here's your gaming link for the day..

From my Travels on the Net, the Random Game Site of the day: MegaGames Enjoy.



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