Monday, August 30, 2004
On this day:

Oh My God, it's Monday Night Already! Time for Some Graphics Stuff

On tonights show, that's right kiddies you'll hear me say: Oh My God it's Monday Night Already!.. Well I got barely nothing accomplished today except sending out maybe two Resumes and getting up very early after only a couple of hours of sleep..

So tonight I would like to talk a bit about Computer Graphics.. I was looking through my Bookmarks and ran across a site I used to use "Alot".. When I was working in L.A. and for a company that produced graphics we were always trying to match "Fonts" on someones logo or some other thing we were doing.. If I remember correctly someone brought in this site and boy did it help.. What The Font is basically a website that you can upload a few characters of a "Scanned" sample of text and have it analyse it to try and determine what Type Face it is.. Of course they offer other things on their site but I was really thankful this one came along.. So if you ever get hung up and can't remember that Font from the nearly 12,000 that you have probably committed to memory, try this site.. For those who see all those strange little symbols and characters in peoples emails, on some forums, and all over the Internet, they are ASCII Codes/Symbols which you can find out how to use on that link right before these words.. Here are some more for ya Typing Accents & Special Characters .. So there ya go..

On a related note, people have asked me for sites that offer FREE Photo Editors and the like.. Well after some searching I came up with a few and I'm here to offer them up to ya.. The first one comes recommended by alot of friends.. Irfranview is FREE!!!.. I like that.. For you 3D people that want another Free software program to play around with you should try 3D Blender .. And for you Guys & Gals that just have to have those little Animated Pictures on your Homepage, this ones for you Free Gif Creators .. And last but not totally "Least", here is a site with a few other free Photo Editing options.. Top 6 Free Photo Editors for Windows .. And if you new to PhotoShop and are having a few problems making your sisters picture look like a Toad with a bad hangover, you can look at these two sites for some really good Tutorials.. Planet PhotoShop & PhotoShop Tutorials .. So go get 'em kiddies!..

Not wanting to leave my Apple Computer Friends or should I say "Mac Addicts" out in the Cold..Brrrrrrr! I have a couple of sites for you too.. First up Mac OS X Hints a Great Site where all the "Addicts" share their Tweaks and Tid Bits with other Addicts.. hehe.. And if your looking for a new Web Browser for your beloved Mac, you can try one of these.. Camino OmniWeb I'm sure most of you know of these but what the Hell, some unsuspecting New Mac User may stumble upon my humble site and just "Freak" out because he found some new info.. Haha I doubt it but it was a good thought.. And yes I am also a Mac user besides being a PC user.. I find both of them very useful in getting the job done whatever it may be..

Okay so I'll finish this in awhile, I have to get back to my forums.. Sometimes their almost as bad as watching "Soap Operas".. hehe

Ya well I'm back.. The forums were boring and I'm having more fun here getting this place ship shape.. Not to change the subject but: GOOGLE is your friend.. Not sure how many of you use this search engine but I have come to depend on it over the past few years.. It's nice to be able to type in a short phrase and gets the best Search Results without waiting forever..

As you may see near the bottom of my Blog or in the Archives I have a few Duke Nukem Cartoons I did.. Never fear there will be more to come.. hehe.. Well that game was the one I played the most, all three episodes in fact.. In the beginning I "Cut My FPS Teeth" on Wolfenstein 3D which is another great game, I wish I still had it.. Hmm maybe I do somewhere.. Anyways any of you out there in Game Land still playing the old "DOS" version of Duke Nukem 3D will be happy to hear there is a Windows XP Port of the game which allows for higher resolutions and better looking Sprites (Enemies as they say).. You can grab it here: Jonof's Duke Nukem Windows Port and enjoy Fragging Pig Cops all over again with out squinting yours eyes anymore..

Well enough Gaming for now.. I'm sure I'll think of more Gaming "Chit Chat" for tomorrow nights post..

From my Travels on the Net, the Random Game Site of the day: Happy Puppy Enjoy.



P.S. I think iCYBIE is saying "Good Night"..

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