Tuesday, August 31, 2004
On this day:

Let's Talk LINUX Tonight

Some know what LINUX is alot do not.. Basically it's another Operating System similar to Windows but has more in common with UNIX.. Don't worry I won't talk long about this subject.. I got exposed to a flavor of UNIX years ago on a SGI System running IRIX ??, I don't remember the version.. Anyways, last month I was bored and was looking around and stumbled across KNOPPIX which is another flavor of Linux. The interesting thing about this OS is you can burn an Image to a CD and then boot to LINUX on your computer with windows no where to be found.. I sorta like that idea, hehe.. There are a few different version of what they call "Live" CD's meaning you can download them and then burn it to a CD and boot your computer from it.. The really cool thing about the Live CD's is it will figure out all your hardware, i.e. Modem, Video Card, USB Devices, etc. and configure itself to your computer.. I was up and surfing the Net in no time at all.. Don't worry it will do nothing to harm you precious computer.. Alot of the Hardcore Linux users will usually say this kind of Linux basically sucks, and yes it may.. But!!, for us First Timers it's a great way to play around without having to try to figure out how to install and configure a whole lot of stuff we know nothing about yet.. If and when I get a new machine, I will probably install Linux on it first thing, because it is "Way" more stable than windows, alot faster, and just nicer to look at.. hehe.. As for "Gaming" the Gaming Companies need to get off their Butts and start "Porting" more games over to Linux.. And if your asking can I run all my Windows programs on Linux, the answer is "NO" or should I say Not Yet.. There is a ongoing project called "WINE" that is adding CODE for Linux that will allow Windows Programs to run under it.. Wine works with quite a few programs now and more are being added all the time.. I think someone even got DOOM 3 running on Linux, tho I no longer have the link to the article, Sorry!!.. So I'll end this little segment now and let you all look at LINUX if your interested.. Here is a link to other "Distros" of Linux, meaning other Flavors or you could say, "The same thing with a different look and features" I guess.. I sure I left alot out, but well what the Hell..

More in a few minutes, Nature seems to be calling..

Ahhh!!.. That's better.. Now where was I?.. Hmm, nevermind we'll talk about Music or something else..

Sometime I shall talk about my days on the road with Rock & Roll Bands, but not now cause it would take a couple of pages for that and it's getting late again.. I think for now I'll give it up for tonight and maybe get a fresh start tomorrow after looking for a real job... haha

From my Travels on the Net, the Random Game Site of the day: Games Pimp Enjoy.



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