Sunday, August 29, 2004
On this day:

Geeze, it's Monday Morning Already Beam Me Up Scotty!!

Strange how my little site here still thinks it's Sunday Night.. That could be because I am near the east coast and my site is hosted on the west coast... Doh!!!.. As Homer Simpson would say..

Well it looks like another long nite so I was surfing around and decided I wanted to see what Wil Wheaton had to say tonight on his Blog.. Seems he is going to a "
Jimmy Doohan's Farewell Convention" .. For most of you Trekkies you know him as: Scotty, the one Captain Kirk is always asking to beam him up.. Not sure I would like being "Blasted" into billions of particles then re-assembled somewhere else.. I don't think I could hold my breath that long.. haha.. Anyways, seems Jimmy has Alzheimer's which I didn't even know about.. I guess that's cause I haven't been watching much TV even tho I do go to CNN's website every so often to see what's happening in the world.. I wish him well, and if you want to read more on what Wil has to say, go to his site: Wil Wheaton ..

I'm still learning this Blogging thing, but it's getting a little easier each time I do it.. "Thank God!".. I think I'll start writing in something that has a Spell Checker then paste it in the site template until I get the FireFox spell Checker.. For most of my friends who have never done this, you should try it, it's fun.. Image some drunk stumbling across your site some night and not being able to figure out what the hell your talking about or who you are.. haha.. That my friends is Priceless.. You can say things, talk about stuff and people you will never meet in your life may even read it..

If any of you are interested in gmail accounts there seem to be quite a few people giving away invites in the G4TechTV "Tech Support Forum" and I think a few in "The Screen Savers Forum" also.. You can get there by using the link I posted in the post I did earlier Sunday Sunday Night, of course you would have to sign up with the site in order to post a request for an account.. Which means the links in the Post right below this one.. Me I'm not interested, I have 3 Email Addresses and that's enough to keep track of.. Although having that much storage space for you emails and attachments might be kinda nice.. I'd just hate to have to wait until it was all deleted if it was totally full.. hehe..

In Science news, some of you know I have been participating in the "Distributed Computing Project" called SETI@Home.. Basically it's a small program that runs in the background on a computer and analyses Radio Telescope Data in search for our little buddies from far away. I've been participating for 3.841 years and find this very interesting.. The Seti people have introduced a new project called BOINC which allows a user to run many different such projects, not only looking for E.T. but cures for all kinds of diseases and such.. You can check it out here: SETI@Homes New Look.. Below the Screenshots of the Screen Saver is more info on the project..

Well It's again getting late and maybe time for sleep, so I bid you "A Due" or however those guys spell that..

From my Travels on the Net, the Random Game Site of the day: WorthPlaying Enjoy.



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