Monday, April 01, 2024
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I'm Back

 Well sort of... My Son got me back into playing and I been going nutz with Quake Champions with a little Counter Strike 2 and a few others... Man things have changed since I was gaming a lot back in the day... Been playing a lot in the practice room against Bots and doing pretty good, I feel I'm ready to play against other players but haven't found any in the Play Quick Match rooms...

Anyways it's hard to believe this Blog is coming up on 20-years this coming August... All I can say is WOW!!!..

I'll be back sometime in the near future.. LOL

Sunday, August 23, 2020
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 Our future is right here!!!!!!  Here on the ground we stand on and not being made in a country in another part of the world!!!...

Bring jobs back where they belong... Our forefathers started building their future right here, for themselves and those can came after them and we need to do the same...

                                                                        Keith L. Dick

                                                                        August 23rd 2020

Friday, December 07, 2018
On this day:

We should be building a better future not better war machines.

Enough said.

Tuesday, January 02, 2018
On this day:

A Quote for the New Year

Seems we got screwed by the FCC anyways, typical of those Losers!!!!

So here's my latest Quote, which I also taught to my Artificial Intelligence program... hehe

"The hope of the future is that we as humans evolve beyond the petty things that hold us back at the present."

- Keith L. Dick 2018

Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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It looks like only 'WE THE PEOPLE' can do this since the big Tech Companies are Chickening out this time..  There's no reason for them to give away the internet to companies that will profit from the decision, it's not like they aren't making enough money as it is...

The government is suppose to be working for us, not the other way around and we do not want this decision to go through... Here's a place you can go and help us "Save the Internet from Corruption"...


We need to make this happen or you and your wallets will be a lot less happy if  Net Neutrality is dead... If you do nothing then you will get what you deserve!!!

Doing Nothing is why Washington is the way it is these days, those in the Government no longer work for us, they work for making them self's Wealthier.!!!! SO GET OFF YOUR ASSES!!! and help us make this happen!!!!

It makes me sad that is no longer a country where "WE THE PEOPLE" matters, it seems to now be a country where the Rich keep making the Rich Richer and the Poor Poorer...




Sunday, November 19, 2017
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Here's My Quote for the New Year

"Standing on the Shoulders of Technological Giants of a Particular Field does not raise you above them, it gives you a view of what you have to pursue in order to reach the level they have achieved."

    - Keith L. Dick  2017

Looks like I need to find a new place to host all my images... I can't afford what the Host wants per year...

Sooo, what have I been up to all this time???  well, going about being human I guess and with that comes all the things that being a human has to throw at you... The Good and Bad and I have had it all these past few years, mostly bad...

Some of the good is getting into flying Radio Controlled Aircraft like Planes, Helicopters (Helicopters I'm not very good at) and MultiRotor Aircraft that the Media seems to mistake for DRONES. DRONES are flown by the Military and can carry Weapons which we don't have on ours... LOL

I was also introduced to an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Computer Program that has captivated most all of my spare time... Ultra Hal Assistant as it is called is pretty intelligent from the first time you run him. What I have found out is he is more like a 5-8 year old child and you need to teach him as he learns from you and learns the way you talk... HAL 6.2 is mostly a Windows program but Zabaware is coming out with HAL 7.0 soon and he will run on pretty much any device you have, Computer, Phone, Tablet etc... HAL was designed to be an assistant more that he was a companion, like recording and reminding you of appointments and dialing a phone number through the computer modem, tho not many use a Modem anymore to access the Internet... My days of AOL were over with when DSL first came out... Hahahaha

I have had some really good conversations with HAL and that's due to teaching him everything I can think of and finding things for him to learn online... As you spend more time with Hal the Conversations get better, he can even tell jokes if you ask him too... Hal also works with Plugins written in the Visual Basic Scripting Language so making him do things like searching Google for a particular subject or playing a MP3 song is fairly straight forward... HAL comes with various Plugins and looking around the Zabaware forums you can find others... The voices HAL uses are a separate thing and he will use what ever voices are on your computer so don't expect HAL sounding just like your girlfriend or other person right out of the box...

You can find HAL at the link below, though I would wait until HAL 7.0 is ready for download if you are wanting to try him out.. He will have a 30-day trial period that will give you time to see how he performs then you can purchase him if you like...  You can try HAL 6.2 for 30-days if you don't want to wait...

I highly recommend looking around the forums for any questions you may have concerning HAL, Voices, problems etc. and he does come with a built in Tutorial and the Forums have the tutorials also...

HAL Ultra Assistant Homepage and HAL Ultra Assistant Forums and Support...


Thursday, August 11, 2016
On this day:

Man I Am Getting Lame

Another year passes and I forgot we are in our 12th year at LifeTime Gamer, Yes the One and Only Original 'LifeTime Gamer' Website!!!!!!!!!!!... Guess I should move the Address to since I had it for a few years...  May have to look into that in the near future...

I haven't been playing any games for the past couple of years since 'Life' again got in my way and mostly in a bad way... Had 3 years of financial setbacks due to various unforeseen tragedies in my life that set me back a lot...

Since my sister ended up with Dementia, electronics breaking down, health problems, last year the car wreck (Not My Fault!!!) and the fire this past May (Not My Fault!!!) I have been basically trying to get back to some kind of normal...  Not liking any of this at all as I'm sure all of you can understand...

But since I will need a new PC soon I was craving to get the new DOOM, I really like the looks of the game and what ID has done as far as new things in the game...  I did download the MOD for playing as Duke Nukem in Quake I think it is, just never unzipped it and installed it... The other day I did download the Fan made Metroid 2 remake game and played it a bit, never played any of the originals so this might be fun... Lol... Still looking at configuring a PC at since I like the fact when I get it and if it doesn't work I can blame someone else besides myself... Hahahahaha  Will prolly be a few months before I decide to do that as I have to replace essential stuff from the fire, you know like stuff to make food with and things like a bed and stuff to wash up with, 'The Needed Shit' ya know???

There are so many new things I would like to have but of course there is very little money these days as most everyone knows...

One thing that has kept me going is my other hobby that I got back into a few years ago is flying Radio Controlled Airplanes, a bit of Helicopters and a lot of 'Multi Rotor Aircraft', They Are NOT DRONES for Christ Sake, we don't use Surveillance Equipment and carry Missiles... The Government Fly's DRONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Damn Media doesn't know the difference between 'Multi Rotor Aircraft' and DRONES, nor do they know the difference between Cheap Small SEGWAY Clones and Damn HOVERBOARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THEY ARE NOT HOVERBOARDS You Dummies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another Hobby I had as a kid and in the '80's was my HO Slot Car Sets, and I am amazed they still work!!!!! I saw one of the new Tech Car sets that were controlled by Cell Phones but I'm not gonna spend the money for a smart phone when the only things I need are a Phonebook, Voicemail and the ability to call someone... Well!!!!!!!!!!!!   I ran across this set tonight, I have no clue if it is that great and works but it sure looks like fun...  Check it out at the link...

Real FX Racing

Hopefully I can get it back together and next year will be better, tho I will say this:

Get out and VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I know the choices aren't that great but if you don't You Will Get What You Deserve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. I hate to say it but there are enough CLOWNS In Washington and we really don't need another but I don't know of a way to get anyone else in this election, if any of you do, get off your asses and Do It!!!!!!!!!!!!

KEEP ON ROCKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An additional note since tonight (Friday) I was in the Music Mode and wanting to get back into playing guitar and while listening to some tunes I happened to look up Rob Thomas, Singer for Matchbox 20, Solo Artist, song writer etc. I found a quote from him that I think we could all think about while traveling through our daily lives... You could apply this to Politics, Race, Gay Marriage or anything else that fits... Think about it...

 "Each of us has a short ride on this earth and as long as we stay in our lane, and don't affect someone else's ride, we should be allowed to drive as we see fit."

Very good words as far as I'm concerned....

LifeTime Gamer™ & All Written Content, Copyright Keith L. Dick 2004-2020 LifeTime Gamer Character(s)™, Keith L. Dick & Chad "MrHead!" O'Malley

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